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Need some assistance to be gainfully employed again.

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Good day to all! My name is William Pelagio, I am an accounting and nursing graduate. I live in the City of San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan Philippines. The reason why I wrote is because I don't know where else to ask for any help. Right now I am unemployed, was retrenched last July of last year 2020 but already not working since March 14 of that year since there was no public transport. I have an incoming money waiting for release by the Social Security System, said funds is coming from the sale of my Meralco stocks but unfortunately I am still waiting, the said stocks were sold by SSS under the stock loan investment program and it was sold around 183k last 11/24/2020 after waiting for so long. That is almost a year, because it was already in the process of being sold but the pandemic hit last March of 2020. The said transaction started January of the same year but since the pandemic it was a no go, now since its sale last November, the said agency will deduct first my unpaid loans from them, leaving me around 161k. 

I already requested from them to have it expedited since I am fearing the electricity might be cut since our total bill now is 40k, and that's from May to December, now this January 2021, as I have feared, we received indeed a disconnection notice worth of 19k and took effect last January 8, so we were not able to pay the said 19k and waited for the Meralco line men but they didn't come, one came last January 14 and my mother pleaded with him not to cut it since we were waiting for my brother's incoming salary on the 15th, the conscientious line man didn't cut it and we were able to pay at least 3.9k to show good faith that we don't have any intention in neglecting the bill, it so happen that I really don't have a job. 

This happened again last February 9, and we again asked for some liniency not to cut our electricity. Fortunately I was able to land a work from home job yesterday February 25, after waiting for so long. Good thing I was able to renew my license since the company is looking for Registered Nurse.

Would it be possible to ask some help from you guys for me to have funds for internet installation? Because February 24th came, it's the 3rd month from the said sale of my stocks but the funds supposedly for me is not yet released. I am just wondering how long will they make it sit for it to be processed and be released, it's the only fund that I am waiting, for me to be gainfully employed, we have a prepaid wifi but the company that hired me is requiring for a wired connectivity. I am scheduled to start by March 15 and before that time I should have already a wired internet connection and the prepaid will serve as a back up. The only provider that can give me connection right away has an initial cost installation of 15K since they said that it is a wired connection. I can provide a copy of their quotation and a receipt after connection. 

And also since I think I am already diabetic, I need to have additional funds to be used for my meds and check up to confirm it. My brother is the only one working and it is too much of a burden to have him take care of everything when I can also help, but as it is I can't do anything since I don't have anything saved since the lockdown. The pc in the picture was also a help bought for me, and I don't wanna ask anymore help since that would be too much. 

Hoping that you guys can help me out to be employed again. Thanks in advance and more power. I can send screen shots of the email that I had with the SSS personnel to show as a  proof just so you would know that I am telling the truth. 

I hope you can extend some help to me. Or if by any chance anyone knows someone working at the SSS to help me out in the prompt release of my awaited funds. Thanks again. 

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