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Hello everyone,

My name is Kari Kuntari and I am an author of a book called MANIS OLALA. I live modestly in an urban area in Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia.

A sequel to the first film has been successfully produced

With God's almighty grace and support, I was able to finish the film, the first part of the sequel to the story about honesty, loyalty and courage, independence, wisdom, family values ​​that are needed by children today in facing the world which is increasingly complex by providing shows that have a positive impact on the growth of children, parents and provide stimulation for children to develop their talents from an early age.

Please support me to produce the second sequel

Through this airfunding project, we will continue the story of MIMIKO sequel two about a fairy who gives a gift to a child

For this reason, in order to succeed this noble goal I invite Mr / Mrs / sister / brother / and others to contribute to the continuation and second sequel by providing support.

Any funds raised will be allocated for film production, recording, dubbing, animation, as well as improving the quality and quality of the films produced.

With your support, this sequel film can continue to be free and motivating and entertaining.

Without your support this goal would be too big and broad for me to achieve on my own.

Your name will appear on the credit page

For information, all support given to the sequel to the first story is returned by including the names of the funders on the credit page.

About me

I myself am an author of a book about dolls, an author of a book named MANIS OLALA, my name is Kari Kuntari.

The book I write has many doll figures that I have designed myself from around the world from Japan, the United States to Europe.

More than 5,000 books have been sold, many people greeted the book because of the variety of character designs, colors, that are included as well. The book is now also stored in the Indonesian national library because there was no such book in its first publication.

The doll I made in the MANIS OLALA book was made of cloth. Since launching, I have taught many people who are interested in my book.

Teaching is my passion, by doing so I can interact with people and make me happy.

Photography , fashion, doing art, listening to music are my hobbies.

Use of funds

I need this amount to support a project that my team and I will be working on. In total, it took me $ 20,000 USD to complete this project for a positive result

I will need the money by June 30, 2020. I will use the money to pay for animators, illustrators, and cinematic creation.

Animator fee approx. US $ 16,400 for 3 minutes duration, the rest is for cinematic creation and illustration.

Here is the link to my video channel:

Please support me to develop caring for my children

Working on a children's project is a blessing to me, so far I have invested a lot in this project, but due to the large scope of the project, I cannot work alone and think the best way is to involve people who care. children, younger adults, parents, grandparents like me, Hope you will join me in this endeavor.

I wish all of you all the best to read whether or not they participated in this joint effort.

Please provide your name so we can send our thanks.

Thank you.

Kari Kuntari

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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