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Dear all ,

My name is Kiky. Currently I live in Penang Island for about 5 years now. I'm from Taiping, Perak and I'm a 27 years old transgender.

Hardly got a job

I graduated with Diploma certificate in Mass and Communication Studies on March, 2014. After graduated, it wasn't easy for me to find a suitable job.

I am proud to be a transgender but being different actually put me in the position where I became the object of discrimination. "Oh she wasn't good enough", "Oh you can't do better than me", "Oh you must come from the street".

Many people out there are looking down on me. Every time they see me, they would put a label on me. So what I did are, I work really hard, I tried to learn new things and I did got out from my comfort zone and tried different field of work.

One day, I attended a simple job interview with my current bosses. They believed in me and they saw something that others don't. And now I am very proud to work along their side for more than 2 years.

For more than 2 years, a regular job in their restaurant is the only job that pay my bills every month.

Covid-19 is affecting our lives

Recently, most of us has been hit hard by the Coronavirus physically, emotionally and financially. As for me, having a regular job and normal pay are tough enough living in Malaysia. We all got bills and loan to pay, food to feed our family and other things that require money to settle.

Until last week, the restaurant I work in were affected by the global crisis named Covid-19 the virus that causing fatality to large number of people in the world. The restaurant had to be shutdown and I'm losing my only job that pay my bills.

You are my hope

Unlucky for me, I don't have any saving for rainy days. During the quarantine period I was hoping to do something to cover all my expenses that I can't afford.

I am very happy that I can use Airfunding platform to run a campaign of relief fund so that I can get back on track.

I have been following this site for a while now and I am very happy to know that there are more other people out there who are still looking after on each other. I'm also witnessing many people get help financially to reach their goals.

Some might says, "Money can't buy happiness" but in time like this with the virus outbreak and economy in crisis how can we survive without it?

In this sadden moment, I come to this site hoping that someone out there will help me financially. If I get funded by anyone with any amount, I will definitely do the same to help others in need.

What scare me the most is how long this situation will last, nobody knows.

I would be happy if you could use the [ Help by sharing] button to share about my project!

Thank you for your time.

Warmest Regards,


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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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