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Can you help me have a proper heart medication

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Hello everyone,

I'm 32 years old from Philippines and since last year February 2020 I had a worst heart attacks.

I was born with heart problem and it's getting severe

I was born with heart problem but it was only PDA I did no experienced these attacks I'm experiencing now. To tell you the story how my heart problem get worst because last 2015 I was been in trauma that I cannot even talk and I'm always shaking then constantly I'm having a panic attack on the years in 2018

I believed I had experienced the Post Traumatic syndrome disorder because of the trauma I had. I became so aggressive which is very far from my attitude. I always tend to be so angry too and tend to be very stressful. I think that's how my heart condition gets worst. I went to a doctor last year when I had like 150 per minute heart rate that didn't stops. I had shortness of breath too and constant so bad headaches and she told me I was having a heart attacks. But due to that I can not get a new test for my heart specially 2D echo. She didn't provide me a new medicine. And what I am taking now is only the medicine for my PDA before.

I couldn't perform in my workplace

It honestly took me 6 months before I was able to be a little fine after my first attacks and I tried my best to work even online like sales representative but my boss always fired me due to most of time I cannot do my work because I am frequently having a heart attacks. I often had back pains and palpitations as well as headaches and shortness for breath while I lay down.

It's really hard being sick as I cannot work cannot do the things I used to do. I feel more sick of feeling that I am alive but useless. My boss advice me to try to have a fund raising so I might will have the proper treatment for me because he believe I still can do more in life if I can get through this health issues I am experiencing.

I have to be strong for mama

I honestly wanted to give up already but I want to fight because of my mom I wanted to be healthy and work and take care of my mama when she will get old. Mama had recently done cataract surgery too both her eyes she had it through sponsorship. Mama cannot work anymore too because her eyes still hurts if she moves much due to her cataract condition is very severe and she is totally blind before she had it. She can see now but now really as very clear.

Please support me to pursue a proper treatment for my heart problem

I just hope that you will help me to get the amount I needed as I need 2D echo, CT scans and other blood test for my heart. Also I needed to travel in city because those equipment for my heart test is not available to my place and if ever I am there will also take the opportunity to see a psychologist.

I hope you gonna help me build my simple happy healthy life again as I am really tired on having an attacks everyday. And I wanted to be healthy again so I can back to work and can earn and help my mama. And I hope you pray for me too...

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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