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Results of Taichung Girls' Middle School Pop Music Club Announced

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"Momo, what do you think... dream... is it?"

Please give us five minutes to read our story.

One. Maybe it’s youth

When I first embarked on this journey, I didn’t understand what kind of future awaited us, but just ignorant, stepping on unstable steps, and moving forward with the companions around me. The unknown world, perhaps, this is our youth.

The difference between popular music and popular music is that we do not perform in the form of an orchestra. We only sing, without too many musical instruments. We use our most sincere singing and emotions to express everything we want to tell. Your business.

Second, it may be persistence...?

In the process, we stumbled and got wounded all over from a fall. What followed was the darkness that made us unable to breathe, but we chose to stick to it.

Our Chengfa "Take Back"

It's a insistence that doesn't want to leave blank

Shooting, picking up seven, is exactly our age now, and it is also the youngest and most quintessential year in our lives.

In addition, we also hope that through this success, we can pick up the bits and pieces on our way, and pick up the broken and forgotten memories.

Back, after high school, everyone’s directions are different. It’s hard to have the opportunity to meet at the same corner or walk side by side on the same road. We hope that in the distant future, we will encounter difficulties or confusion. You can travel back to the big family of Liuyin. Here, it belongs to our home.

Three, dream is a great journey

『Why don’t you guys understand me? Don’t you have dreams before? 』

Sometimes dark clouds, sometimes squally rain, the journey is full of challenges, but we are all waiting, waiting for the bright warm sun to hang on the blue sky.

What's different from the past is that we want to make the audience understand our performance and what we want to tell better through the drama and series of songs.

Four. Equipment for the journey

To run a Chengfa requires considerable capital investment

The budget for the entire Chengfa is NT$84032

The following is our budget table

Fifth, the companion and destination of the journey

"Walking through the spring and autumn for several years

Don't forget

Go back to Shiqi

Migrate to the place where they are interdependent."

I thought that there is no end to this road, but the time sequence flows. We come to the end of the journey and gradually see the end of the journey. It is a destination called a dream.

We are the Taichung Girls' Middle School Pop Music Club

We will hold a presentation of our results at 13:30 pm on June 6th at Taichung Juju Island (75 Jingming 1st Street, West District, Taichung City).

If you are interested in our project and want to know more details, you are welcome to private message our IG: tcgs_pmc_10th, or private message the following e-mail address

『I think dreams are the seemingly absurd things, we will still do it without hesitation. 』

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