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Hello everyone,

At the end of the summer, washing the baby in the evening, I noticed a bump on his neck on the left side, and of course the next day I was already at the doctor, I will omit all the details and go to the main thing, before the analysis was confirmed as a malignant tumor.

I'm sure no one is ready to hear this when your child is getting older, running, laughing, and doing harm like all other kids. Then there were two long weeks of waiting for an analysis that determines which tumor, and the actual diagnosis.


EXTRARENAL RADBOID TUMORS are already rare, and therefore there is no treatment protocol, in Ukraine it was not recorded at all. 300 cases in Russia, and slightly more in Europe and America. Only 30% of children had a long remission after treatment. And it's so scary to think about the fate of those 70% who do not think about these facts at all.

While we were waiting for tests, we were looking for which hospital would take us for treatment, and there were almost none (why are we there with our new tumor, when there are enough of our patients) Rostik's tumor doubled and our doctor decided not to run still more, and appointed "chemistry." Therefore, the first block of chemistry we get in Mukachevo.

The Cancer Institute in Kyiv replied that it would take us for treatment, and the doctors agreed that the block would end here, the Son would regain his strength and we would go to the capital for treatment.

I am sure that many people now will not be able to just open the locks and deduct 100 thousand hryvnias. Our young family is no exception, my husband works hard to make sure that the children have everything, and I am at home with two small children. Yes, Rostik has a brother who is 5 months old.

Children should not suffer from such terrible diseases at all. Every mother will do everything for her child, so I ask everyone who cares about any help, because we will not pull this long and difficult treatment ourselves.

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Paypal, Barna Oleksandra

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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