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Hello everyone,

I am a person with severe economical needs that cares for all kinds of lives and believes in a Almighty Creator.

I live in a poor area in Honduras, Central America with my cats.

The cats are facing urgent need of food

I seek to solve many problems the cats are facing, but one of them, the most urgent is food, they need to receive adequate food in the necessary amount.

I am looking for your support because with the Covid19 pandemic things changed for me, making it more difficult to be able to meet the needs of my kittens.

Our challenges in Honduras

Due to the lack of interest in cats compared to other species of animals here in Honduras either do to most people are not cat lovers as well as the cat overpopulation. There is also no access to formal organizations that are not only dedicated to sharing in social networks about animals in temporary housing available for adoption, but organizations that really have a way to receive and rescue animals like cats to help them when they are in despair without water, shelter, or food.

The organizations that currently exist in Honduras generally support wild species leaving them as a priority and not giving the same importance to domestic species. That is one of the reasons why these loving kittens need your help.

I need your support: Covid19 had worsened my economic situation even more

In an independent way I have fought to try to give them the best that I have been able to, but my economic situation has never been the best, and with Covid19 my economic situation worsened even more, without an income to at least give them what they have been receiving so far to survive, nor a way to find them a home where someone else can help them.

Any amount will be helpful.

I need your help so that I can continue to help them and be able to help more kittens in the future. They need food, a larger roof to live, medical assistance, sterilization to prevent them from multiplying in number. As a future goal I hope with your help to be able to help more kittens in need because these are not the only ones, there are many more of them out there that need us to rescue them.

For now, the goal is to continue helping the kittens you see in the photographs so that they can get the attentions they need.

Any amount will be helpful.

Thank you in advance.

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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