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She has had training in Neo linguistic thinking with  Hericksonian Hypnosis tools. Furthermore, she has also done  trainings in High Impact Leadership and has  specialized in spiritual care in cancer care. In 2013, she was diagnosed with Colon Cancer, it was news  that caused shock in her and her family, but after the  initial impact came the courage and faith that prompted her to alternate her own  treatments with a social work at the National Institute of  Cancerology, health center where she was treated for two years. 

That was the time it took Marisol to overcome cancer. Motivated by her own 🥰 experience and by the life stories of  the people she shared with during her treatment,  Marisol makes the decision to dedicate herself to helping patients,  caregivers and vulnerable people.

 This is how on July 15,  2015 she creates the FUNDASOL 126 Foundation 😍 Fundasol 126 Foundation, is responsible for providing emotional, spiritual and economic support to the most vulnerable people, it is important to help vulnerable people by providing the support they need, caring for people in health and welfare along with the reduction of inequalities, as you can evidence we have two objectives on sustainable development. Therefore, we want to raise the necessary amount to continue making all our vulnerable population laugh, we need support to carry out the activities which are: 

Offering accompaniment, advice and tools that allow the beneficiaries to take the current events in the best way, learning, sharing, sharing and making fun; way, learning, sharing, receiving company in the distance,  all this in a virtual way using basic technology, through  playful activities, support of psychologists, NLP, coach, trainings  and one to one visits.

We impact to:

*Patients and caregivers

*Homes for the Elderly  

*Rehabilitation centers 


*Medical and community care staff *Rural communities 

*People in general Social and family groups

The proceeds go to the activities 💞 carried out within our project which correspond to:

*One-on-one visit: We provide accompaniment through video calls to the beneficiaries, either by ordinary people, who share a prayer or a talk to provide company, or by psychologists, NLPers and/or coach who perform therapies and accompaniment in a professional and ethical manner. For this we have a large team of professionals readies to serve with love and quality. 

*Ludic Activities: Using virtual platforms such as Zoom or Streaming, we perform concerts, poetry evenings, physical activity and artistic expressions in general that allow us to raise the spirits and bring joy and hope, thus creating a healthier environment. The foundation has the support of many artists and recreationalists who contribute their talent and knowledge voluntarily. 

.*Tools to serve from the heart: With this line we provide Neo linguistic Programming tools to the beneficiaries in general but especially to the assistance and administrative staff, since in this new scenario it is not enough to receive training on hospital asepsis, but it is also of vital importance to offer them tools that allow them to understand and manage their emotions so that they can be true multipliers of well-being.

Fundasol 126 💞 is committed to: *To guarantee that all services provided under this program will be completely free of charge for the beneficiaries*To schedule all activities as available to the beneficiaries *To create spaces where we can socialize the results  *To follow up, follow up and give value to the suggestions of each contributor *To offer the necessary tools for the development of the program in its 3 lines🥰

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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