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Thank you for taking the time to read my story.

I never expected that my husband would pass away so soon. I was not prepared for this and I am totally lost.

My husband stayed in Dubai, and he was not able to leave Dubai to come back to South Africa, there for I went to visit him in Aug 2021. With all the travel restrictions I was not able to visit him on a earlier stage. It was a very emotional time to wait for a opportunity to fly to Dubai. Finally we were very happy to be together again.

We tested positive for COVID-19 in Dubai

We would have been married for 32 years this year and we new each other for 35 years. But we never expected that our world would change dramatically on the 6th of Jan 2021. Pieter had tested positive for COVID on the 6th of Jan 2021, and I tested positive on the 7th. We were really badly affected with the virus. We were not able to afford private medical assistance, and we needed to go through an online system to get an appointment to go to a clinic.

His battle against COVID-19

I tried to admit him to a hospital, but there were no beds available. With us been registered on the online system the first appointment that was available was on the 12th of Jan 2021. By this time Pieter was already very ill. He had cold fever, severe headaches, he had a lot of pain in his body, his thought was sore, he had no appetite, he could not stop coughing and he struggle to breath. His oxygen levels had dropped to below 80%, and he fainted a few times.

At the clinic the doctor made a plan to get him admitted into a hospital. He was placed on a non-invasive ventilator for almost 2 weeks. His lungs struggled to show improvement. He really fought back to beat the illness. At this point in time his kidneys also gave him some problems, but the doctor managed to sort it out.

On the 29th of Jan 2021 he had a major setback. His oxygen levels had dropped to below 60%. The dr. decided to place him in an induced coma, and to insert a trachea. This was the last time I was able to communicate with him by means of WhatsApp written notes, because he could not talk to me, for the lack of breath. I never give up believing that he will win this battle. I was still positive he would recover even though I was not able to visit him in the hospital.

On the 14th of Feb my COVID results came back negative. The doctor told me that he would arrange that I could visit him on the 16th, even if it was through a closed window. I was very excited at the thought of seeing him after I had been in isolation for almost 40 days.

On the 15th the doctor informed us that his kidney's were struggling again and they were going to have to put him on dialysis. This procedure was just to much for my husband's body and he lost the battle. I was in total shock when our friend came to our apartment to inform me that Pieter had died. He died on the morning of the 16th, the day that I would finally visit him.

I lost him, and need return to South Africa to be with our children

I was totally crushed, and I felt completely lost, afraid and alone. He was my rock, and the one person who knew what to to, where to go, and my GPS. He was the leader and I just followed him. Suddenly I was all alone, in a country that I did not know how things work and I did not know what to do, or what to expect.

There was a lot to do and to organize. I had to get all the documents sorted out in order to return to South Africa to be with our children. I wanted to be back by the 28th of Feb, because it was Pieter's birthday. It was an extremely emotional time for our 3 children, because they were not able to fly to Dubai to assist me, because all the flights from South Africa had been stopped.

Pieter and I struggled to make ends meet, but we were happy to finally be together again. Due to COVID-19 we had been separated from the children, and our family, for more than 6 months. The business did not perform very well, and salaries were cut. We had to dig deep into our financial resources, which was not much, in order to survive.

Help me to start a whole new life in South Africa

I am therefore humbly requesting any assistance you will be prepared to provide. I need to have our household and personal items shipped back to South Africa and to get me a home to start over again on my own. There is also an amount payable for the memorial service. I will be so grateful for any support I receive. I need to start a whole new life, and this is a scary thought, because for 35 years Pieter directed our steps, and he was the sole provider for our family.

Please keep me in your prayers, as I am trusting God that He will help me on this road that I have to travel. God bless you and thank you.

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