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Hello everyone,

My name is Claudette Gunayan and I live in the Philippines. Clearly, this is not for me but for the man I truly admire and care for, my father 61 years old, Mr. Edwin Gunayan. Late 2020, he was experiencing pain on the side of his stomach. My mom convinced dad to undergo tests for them to see what's going on. Test showed that my father has kidney stones. We weren't alarmed at first. Kidney stones, pfft! Are you kidding me? But months would pass, my mom is noticing how my father's weight dropped quickly & it was quite evident as we would see him while having a video call. My younger sister & I went home last Christmas & it shocked us to see how dad became so skinny. He was different from the last time we saw him through video calling. My tears just won't cooperate as I was struggling holding them back. My heart has been stabbed to see him like that. It's just incomprehensible. I would cry alone in the bathroom or in my room. I can't let him see me. We really don't know what's really happening so mom decided for a CT SCAN as my sister and I went back to the city for work. While we were all waiting for the result, mother has been really anxious and scared. She was praying that the result would not turn out bad. The day came when mom called and crying. I could feel her voice in pain. I collected myself as I don't want to contribute to her pain. I let her read the Ct scan findings. It said "pancreatic head mass, malignant". At first I was not really sure about how to react as everything seems so broad and uncertain. But my mom, mom works in a hospital and she's not new to hospital terminologies. She knows it's cancer. But the denial me kept on convincing her it is not, that maybe it's just another illness.

January 2021, my father had been experiencing stomach bloating and a noticeable jaundice. The tumor has been blocking his bile duct which made his skin yellow and his appetite dropped pretty quickly. We made an appointment to a hepatobiliary and let him interpret dad's CT SCAN images. He said the tumor looks like cancer on an advanced stage but it is inoperable. He actually gave dad only months to live. Probably the worst day of our lives. What he could do is only palliative treatment - a double bypass to address issue on the obstruction and not really focusing on the main problem itself which is the tumor. We decided to admit him to the city hospital and undergo surgery. Appointments, papers, tests have been accomplished. We want dad to live a comfortable life while still here. The surgery was a success, thankfully. Do you ever feel like being not totally happy after a successful event in your life? Because there's more to the problem and we haven't really solved it. 

Dad currently at home and is on recovery due to his surgery. But the tumor is still there. We haven't really considered a chemo as he is weak and skinny. We make sure he eats even if he has no appetite at all and is very sensitive to food that has strong smell. He only eats banana, rice porridge, sweet potatoes, and that's it. He is really picky but at least he is eating, right?

I came here to ask for help. I have been doing reading and research. I am reading a lot lately hoping that I could find something worth trying. I have joined cancer support groups on Facebook and there are lots of information in there. I want to purchase supplements for dad but my resources are exhausted. Cancer makes our immune system weak and my dad has been eating nothing lately. These supplements are vitamins, an anti tumor, herbal drink detoxifier and mostly can be purchased from other countries where shipping fees add up to my dilemma. What have we got to lose? Given only months to live I want to do everything, whatever it takes. I won't let cancer. Not today. There's still more to do in this life with him. Even writing this tears me apart. Picturing him in my mind. I don't really want to be someone's hassle and I don't like persuading people but I'm just here knocking on your kind hearts. Thank you very much! God bless!

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This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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