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Hello, my name is Jaime Godoy a normal person, quiet and happily married. A person who never thought he would end up here a year ago.

I live in the State of Mexico, in Huixquilucan, well I used to live.

A year ago the pandemic started, and I had savings, I lived in peace with my wife, and we thought we could get through it, due to inconveniences last year like my little dog got cancer and my mom got sick, we had to use all the money we had saved, but we survived, I started the year a little behind in the rent of our home, but I thought with luck we could recover. Unfortunately, my wife had an accident putting together a box and cut her wrist deep, I had to take her to IMSS to the hospital to be saved and that ended up causing me to give COVID-19 to me and my wife. My wife thank God the COVID-19 did not affect her so much, but it affected me and I even stopped breathing for a few days, because of this and my health we have spent more money than we had and could have to survive, we were left without a house, we could no longer pay the rent, and we had to move in with my parents, so they can take care of me, since I am still quite serious, and I can not basically walk and my work has not been very understanding with my situation either, leaving us in a very complicated situation. Now we have nothing, we lost everything we had, our house, and we are at the mercy of my parents, the little money we managed to get me and my wife is going on medicine, and we really need help. This amount we are asking for $1,500 dollars would be ideal to give us a second chance and pay the debts we have to return to our home, that's all we need, a second chance to live.

The date I put to collect it is for April 18, as I hope on that date I am no longer serious and can be useful to my family and start to fix things.  

This $1,500 I would use to pay the 4 months rent we owe on our house, as well as pay the loans I had to take out from VIVUS and Kueski, they are lending institutions here in Mexico, also many friends and family have been lending me money throughout these months that I have to pay them back, I have to pay 3 months of electricity and gas also that we are behind if we are going to return to our home, in total I really think that we would only use between all $1,175 Dollars to pay everything that is owed, but the remaining 325 Dollars we would use for food and daily needs for at least a month to be calm. I hope you please see in your hearts and can help us get by. 

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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