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My Son Richard has Liver Disease..Urgently need you help!

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Hello my name is Maria Cristina Vetuz, from Quezon city Philippines. I am organizing this fundraising for my 28-year-old son, Richard Carlos Vetuz. He has 2 kids (10 & 2 years old). His common-law-wife is just an ordinary employee. Richard wasn’t able to work since he was diagnosed way back 2012. I am doing this in absolute desperation for support. As a mother, the pain I felt inside is unmeasurable.              

 Way back October of 2012 when my son's treatment started. He was diagnosed of Tuberculosis. He took medicine for 3 months and was recovered. 

On January 2013 his color turned yellowish, we thought he had hepatitis. we consulted the doctor and gave him new medicine. (Godex DS & Liverine-for one month). his jaundice continued even with medication. 

July the same year, His Doctors request for CT Scan of Whole Abdomen w/ IV Contrast.

As per findings/result:

“The Hepatic borders demonstrate subtle lobulations prominent in the anterior surface.  The intrahepatic ducts are not dilated.  The gallbladder is small with no intraluminal calcified lithiasis. The biliary ducts and portal vein are not dilated”.

The medication continues.

November 2013, 

His Doctors requested for another Ultrasound of Whole Abdomen. Findings/Impression:

“Enlarged Liver with diffuse parenchymal Disease”

The medication continues.

March 2014, another CT Scan of Whole Abdomen w/ IV Contrast is requested.

April 2014, Liver Biopsy was conduct.

May 2014 Ultrasound of Whole Abdomen performed.

The medication continues. 

October 31, 2014 

ERCP (Endoscopic Retrograde CholangioPancreatography) was started to perform. PLASTIC STENT REPLACEMENT every 6 Months. 

This procedure costs 30-40 thousand pesos per session. The medication continues.

January 2015 Ultrasound of Whole Abdomen performed

The medication continues.

May 2015 Ultrasound of Whole Abdomen performed.

The medication continues.

2016 April, 

Doctors requested for Laboratory Test.

medication continues. 

ECRP was stopped for 2 years due to lack of fund. (His last ERCP was 2016) August 2018 my Son constant fever and chills. 

September 2018, Richard my Son was hospitalized. According to the Doctors, 90% of his body is already infected. After almost 1 month in the Hospital he was recovered. 

Our hospital Bill then was at around 442thousand pesos, aside from Doctor’s fee amounting to 50-80thousand pesos. 

Until now we are still paying our Debts in different people and Lending companies. Doctors advised us to continue conducting ERCP.  In every ERCP procedure, the doctor always telling us that they see small lump around the liver of my son. 

They keep saying that they will remove it in the next ERCP. Until last year December 2020, after ERCP the Doctor told us to conduct MRI. After the result came out. 

January 2021 they gave us a Referral to other hospital specialize in Liver. The Doctor of Liver Center requested another medical exams and laboratory test. Before we proceed to the next step…Liver Transplant.. .this cost millions. 

It is exhausting our family emotionally and financially, We don't know where else to get the money to provide his medical expenses. We still want our son to live long, for the sake of his 2 kids as well. 

As of the moment my Son Richard became really, really sick.  He always felt backpain, numbness of left arm down to his legs. Difficulty of breathing, pain at the right side of abdomen, fever and sometimes he chills.  

We humbly ask for monetary donations as support for this battle. Your donations will be of great help for her healing. Please include my son Richard in your prayers. 

Note: Attached here is the previous picture while he is in hospital. and the Doctor's request for MRI Abdomen with DWI & MRCP and Laboratory Examinations.

All your Help will go at the ff:

Medical Expenses

Hospital Bills

Daily Medication expenses

You may deposit at Richard's sister Account

Abby Mae T Vetuz



Gcash 0933-3480484

Thank you in advance. God Bless....

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