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A group of scholars, crazy once for their dreams-the 26th independent master of Yanping Hot Music

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The 26th Independent Master of Yanping Hot Music

◆ Expected benefits

   1. Large-scale performance as the entire high school club The period of

   2. As a template for the follow-up activities of the younger students, to teach the details of the activities

   3. Increase the exposure of Yanping’s hot sounds , In order to facilitate the follow-up brothers and sisters to handle the activities.

◆ Activity objectives

  We come from a school that values ​​reading more than anything else, and the importance of clubs is approaching zero. Without school funds or equipment assistance, parents often hold an attitude of disapproval or even opposition to this. For those of us who want to shine in high school clubs and sway ourselves, it can be said to be in a difficult situation and difficult to move. Watching the brilliant Chengfa performances of other schools, the rock and roll heart hidden in my heart has been quietly ignited. At the time of such a crisis, we cheered each other up, prepared silently in the remaining spare time, and treated every song and every link in a positive way. Everything we do stems from our own heart. It is our common dream to complete a perfect performance. Even if the road is full of thorns and ups and downs, we will go all out to subvert the vision of the world, and we will never turn back With the original intention of rock and roll, we will present the most perfect performance for everyone, and hope that those who have dreams will build and chase dreams with us, and welcome the splendor of the world.

◆ Event time

   May 22, 2021 (Sat) 9:30-15:00

◆ Event location

   The Wall Mansion (B1, No.200, Section 4, Roosevelt Road, Wenshan District, Taipei City)

◆ Brief description of activities

   Yanping The 26th Independent Dacheng of Hot Music gathered nearly 20 songs with the hard work of the 26th session in the past two years, and led the younger students to experience the style of the stage, so that the audience can share the joy of music.

◆ Activity flow

◆ Dacheng budget

   Our budget is currently 150,000 yuan, and the current funds are 31,000 yuan, and there is a funding gap of 119,000 yuan. I hope that your selfless dedication can draw a perfect ending to our dream.

◆ Contact information

   Instagram: yphm26th

   President Zhou Jingyou 098342630

Finally, thank you again All the people who have supported us along the way can make us shine on the stage of our dreams.

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This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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