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I want to take a Master degree in Mathematics

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Hello everyone, My name is Mayver from Philippines!

I'm currently on my last semester of Units in Education, under an internship program for teaching. In this program I am assigned in a high school to teach Math as this subject is my major.

I want to pursue higher education by getting a master degree in Mathematics. I want to be able to impart my knowledge to College students in which they will use Math in their future jobs.

I would be really grateful if you can help me to pursue my dream to became a college instructor with a major in mathematics.

About Myself

In my previous job, I was able to work as an associate in a consultancy for supply chain. I also work as an associate financial services representative in a finance company.

While I'm in a consultancy I also study units in Education. With this I was able to learn techniques on how to teach Math.

From there, i found about my new dream, my new goal.

I dreamed to be a college instructor.

My first degree was Industrial Engineering. And now I am taking a step to share my knowledge on Mathematics used in the industry.

My dream develop little by little, mathematics is connected to engineering and teaching. And i want to impart my knowledge about mathematics for a college students to prepare their life to face field of work related to mathematics.

But now, i only graduated from units of education. To able to teach in college, I must take a master's degree.

I need your support

Currently, I'm finishing the internship program and teaching in a high school from Monday to Friday, and this will end by Nov 28. After this, I can now apply for teaching positions but I can only start by June 2020 as a beginning of the academic year.

To became a full teacher, i will start working on June 2020. It is the the start of new school year.

It is a bit complicated, but that's how the teacher is being hired in the Philippines. With that reason, I cannot make enough income until i get hired.

I already have some saving, but i still need your support to able to enroll in a master degree major in mathematics. This project is not only for myself but if I can finish from a master degree, my knowledge will be transfer to the college students to prepare their bright future! I will be grateful for any of your help

Details on needed funds

The total amount will be use is $1,700 . But i will use my own money for $500. I still need about $1,200 so i can able to pursue my goal and take a master degree. The detail of the usage is explained below:

- Tuition fee - 1,000USD

- Book and school project - 200USD

- Allowance for 75 Saturdays - 500USD (Own money)


I would like to enroll master degree for next year for intake around April or May. I hope i could get enough funds before the registration days.

In case i couldn't get enough funds, I will buy books of mathematics from the fund gathered or will enroll for the first semester of the year. I'm expected to finish the master degree in 5-6 semester!

In the future, I want to teach Math not just a theory that later on the students will forget but I want to teach Math that students can grasp it's application in the actual field.

Your help will be much appreciated! thank you so much in advance!

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This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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