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Hello, I am Melissa, another unemployed woman in Ecuador for 1 year because of the PANDEMIA. I live in a rented apartment with my mother, and we have no assets of our own, no savings, only debts, and a very small family submerged in the same economic crisis. My aunt, also unemployed, takes care of my grandfather Carlos, 82 years old, and they only receive a monthly pension which, like my mother's minimum wage, does not cover all the basic needs. My grandfather has always been a hard worker, active, cheerful, an example of a human being, strong and very healthy, but suddenly 1 month ago, he had terrible peritonitis, since he was misdiagnosed by a social security doctor, where we have already had several bad experiences and if it were not for another medical opinion, he would have gone :(. Only thanks to our God he made it out alive. However, in the surgery they found a prostate 4 times bigger than normal, the doctors say that about 10 years ago it must have started to grow, but he never showed any symptoms. Now he lives with a catheter attached to him to be able to urinate, and it must be renewed every 15 days, which implies more expenses and risks, and does not allow him to continue being an independent person. He is very depressed because of this problem but with a great desire to continue living. Seeing his great strength and incredible recovery, the doctors indicate that the life expectancy for him is many more years, and he deserves these to be of great quality. If God allowed this operation to be successful it is because he still wants him on this earth, we firmly believe in that, but we do not have the money for the new surgery! All public hospitals are collapsed by the high cases of COVID-19 and the elderly are unfortunately not given enough importance, so we must necessarily go to a private clinic. The operation is URGENT because it can get even more complicated, the catheters usually cause many infections and if the urine starts to leak into the kidneys, he would go into dialysis. We are still in time to AVOID IT! We need $4200 approximately to cover the medical expenses involved: the operation $3500 with a urologist sent by God who gives us all the confidence in the world and has extended us a huge hand so far, pre and postoperative exams $500 and medication $200, if not more. The first intervention was covered by social security since they were able to attend her in an emergency in a private clinic that had an agreement and the rest of the expenses we have been able to face thanks to the help of friends and family. We have done everything possible for my grandfather, but we have no other option and this is why I come to you. If we get the funds for this surgery, he will be able to continue his normal life, very healthy and with a big smile on his face. BE SURE THAT GOD WILL REWARD YOUR BIG HEART. Remember, today for you, tomorrow for me 🙏🏻

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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