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I am desperate to raise funds for my family's safety

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Greetings and thank you to all who take the time to read this.

My name is Charne Potgieter and I am living with my mother who suffers from a heart condition, 1 older and 1 younger sister, and 4 younger brothers, 2 of which are fosters. I am here because my family is in desperate need of assistance.

We reside in Pretoria, South Africa in a 3 bedroom house that is currently leaking and in disrepair with one room that isn't even functioning as the water collects in the ceiling and runs down the walls as well as the roof.

At the beginning of the pandemic, I and the other breadwinners in our household lost our ability to make ends meet and we're relying on my father to support us. However, shortly after the beginning of the pandemic, he abandoned us to go and live with his mistress and her numerous children leaving all his accounts and responsibilities to us. He has left us in dire straights with no choice after shirking on his responsibilities towards his portion of the rent, groceries, and other everyday necessities racking up copious amounts of debt for which we have tried our best every month to pay, even if at least something towards the debt but regrettably we have exhausted every last cent which has left us most days without food.

We have depleted all those we can turn to for help and can barely afford to feed ourselves for much longer. Now as it stands the landlord has threatened to forcefully evict and even kill us if necessary as he is waiting for his rent. We have made complaints to the police but they cannot assist us until they have harmed one of us which we do not wish to happen and if possible we do not want to be here when they do.

As a family of 8 going on 9, It takes a lot of pride to ask for help, and we know this all too well, we know how it feels to be beaten to the ground but we know how to be strong, powerful, and never give up our fight. Therefore as, such we have no choice but to plead to the public for their financial assistance and support. It is something we are ashamed of because we have always been taught to look after our own families but it’s something that we have learned is necessary during these tough times to keep our heads afloat, and if you don’t ask you will never receive, and if you don’t tell the public your every need and truth then how do they know how to help.

We take pride in speaking our truth, even though sometimes it gets us down but we do this humbly not because we are looking for attention or just for a handout. The date for collection of funds is listed as 27/05/21 but if you can assist with anything sooner we would be forever thankful.

With your assistance and support, the funds donated will go towards covering the backlog of debt, provide us with food as well as help us to move away from this property and the danger it brings with it so we can find a safer place to live.

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This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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