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I want to support the working moms in a fishing village in Ghana

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My name is Mitsuo Ishimoto and I have lived in Ghana for 7 years.

Currently, I am doing cacao-related work and consulting work in Ghana, and I also support my friends in Ghana.

-What kind of problem do I want to solve?

This time, I want to support the activities of Isaac Adjaottor, a friend and founder of an NGO. That's why I decided to raise funds through Airfunding.

Isaac's NGO, FARM FOR LIVELIHOOD ASSOCIATION, is working to support the community of the coastline town of Ada Foah, about three hours away from the capital, Accra.

This NGO supports children who cannot go to school and provides farming opportunities for people with disabilities. They also support agriculture, aquaculture, fish processing (smoked, dried fish), etc. to raise the income of the community.

This time, the moms of the fishing village called Anyakpor are having troubles to afford the purchase of the quantity of fish and firewood for smoking that they needed to smoke and sell. That's why I would like to ask you for support in order to help them.

Anyakpor is located along the coastline and is a fishing village with many families who make a living mainly from fishing and agriculture. There is almost no support from the national government or international NGOs, and there are no financial institutions nearby to lend money. Anyakpor's moms buy enough fish to buy with a small amount of cash, smoke it and go to the market, but if it is processed and sold little by little, it will be inefficient and the profit margin will decrease.

To solve this low productivity problem and improve the income of each household, we want 5 moms to receive each USD300 ( a total of USD1500). p>

-Why do I need support?

I have personally supported about 20 moms so far. The current situation is that there are still many people waiting for support.

With the USD1500 fund we are looking for this time, we will be able to fund five new moms to buy fish and firewood for smoking. With 300 USD per person, they can cover the cost of smoking once. (Fish fee USD250 + Firewood fee USD50)

The price of the smoked fish may rise or fall depending on the supply and demand, but there is always demand. It is a high business with a profit margin of 25 to 50%.

We will not just give this funds, but they will repay it when they are able, and then we will provide it to other moms who are waiting for the next support.

The mayor of Anyakpor is also very supportive, recommending reliable moms who has the ability to repay properly, and will go into arbitration if there is a problem. I believe that Ghana will improve as well, where the community and NGOs work together, and this will become a model case that will spread to other regions.

Thank you for your support and cooperation! p>

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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