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I need help to pay for my treatment in Bogota

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Hi, I'm Sammy! I'm 3 and a half years old and came to my home when I was barely 1 month old. I have been raised with so much love and adoration, I couldn't describe if a puppy could have a better home than mine. The pictures on the left were when I was still a puppy with no problems. The photos on the right are my current situation. 

I live in Colombia. Exactly in Cartago, Valle.

Until Thursday night, March 25, 2021, I was a completely happy puppy and I could move around, run with my dad, go outside to relieve myself, and run to my bowls where my water and food were.

But something changed early Friday morning, March 26. I woke up crying a lot, with a lot of shaking, and started to feel weakness in my hind legs, but I could still walk on my own. During the course of the day, my head began to have a strange upward movement. By evening hours, I could no longer walk, as my hind legs no longer had any mobility, and I was still in a lot of pain.

I can't go to the bathroom by myself. I can't run, I can't walk. Furthermore, I just crawl. But the saddest thing is that I have not been able to move my tail again and my family is very sad.

I was able to find a very good veterinary neurologist in the city of Bogotá. He explains to me that my diagnosis for the moment is a herniated disc and I need quick treatment so that I don't continue to deteriorate so soon. They explain to me that I need to have a nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) so that they can see how far the damage goes and my treatment and possible surgery. If I want to get better, I must buy a crate where I must lie on a mattress in total rest; have the MRI, possible surgery, therapies, and medications, as well as transportation to get me there. My family loves me and does everything possible for me to be well, but they do not have enough resources to pay for all this. I must travel by plane because the trip by land would be very traumatic for me because they are many hours away since I live 8 hours away and my family does not have a car. 

Please help us. Help my family, help me, so I can travel to Bogotá and go back to being the happy doggy I was before all this. I have little time. The more time passes, the less chance I have of being able to access treatment and be well again. According to the veterinary neurologist, I have hope because I still have sensitivity in my hind legs.

The resources will be used for transportation, purchase of crate, MRI, possible surgery, therapy, and medication.

Support me to be well again!!!! I love my family and I see them suffering a lot for me. They have done their best with some help from friends to take me to the hospital and buy the medications I am taking at the moment, but it is not enough for us to pay for all my treatment. All I want is to run again and wag my tail and run to my family without having to crawl. I have before and after videos as well. Please help me!!! Help us, please!!!

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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