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Help Helly take her Pre-Op Examination

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Hello, my name is Jirlen Jaspé Venezuelan resident  in Argentina, My niece Helly Nahemy Jaspé Hernandez was born on November 02, 2020, in Venezuela, his parents Henry Jaspé 20 years and Nathali Hernandez 17 years, currently unemployed and without economic resources. Approximately  3 months ago  Helly was detected a SOFT PART HEMANGIOMA  LEFT PARATIROID,

(deep hemangioma involving swollen blood vessels deeper in the skin that can make the skin have a bluish tone) this occurs only in   5% of babies shortly after birth, this hemangioma affects Helly  his face and the left side to sleep, which also his face is inclined to the left side by the weight that it generates, Helly   has been observed and reviewed by several health professionals of the HOSPITAL DOMINGO LUCIANI "EL LLANITO" located in Caracas Capital of Venezuela, the Doctors determined future operation with urgency, which they themselves explain that it would be a "DRAINAGE OPERATION" this drainage is performed through the skin, with a minimal incision and without requiring the use of an operating room or surgical techniques, through the introduction of a small catheter or needles". The same has to be carried out as soon as possible, for this we are requested to perform a test called ANGIOTAC IN LATEROCERVICAL REG LZQ, which is not possible to perform in that hospital since they do not have the necessary inputs,  and even though other options have been sought in public institutions can not be performed, since they do not have the   reagent needed for the test, in other hospitals the unit is not working and others are not doing it for health measures before the COVID-19, in view of this and the despair of seeing that continues to grow the decision was made to inquire in several clinics  and private laboratories, where we have found varying prices between USD 400 to USD 450 dollars, we have the budget in the laboratory (IDACA CENTRO MÉDICO DOCENTE LA TRINIDAD), only missing this test, to perform the operation. From the heart we are exhausting everything we can to help, if you have any information where they do the test cheaper or Free will be gratefully accepted and blessed, also every grain of sand counts, help me to share and join in prayer so that soon Helly comes out of this! THANK YOU.

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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