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Support for food, medicines and medical services.

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Dear (s),

This campaign is an initiative of a small group of people who still believe in people and their human qualities. This group is made up of people mainly from Mexico and Venezuela whose objective is to support those people who are living a difficult situation in Venezuela, which has been complicated by the COVID-19 pandemic caused by the Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, coupled with the situation that our brothers live in that country, where it is necessary to meet immediate expenses for food, medicine, hygiene and cleaning products, as well as payment for medical services and other basic services.

It is important to note that the great efforts made by the different initiatives to support these people are priceless, however, this process of humanitarian aid can be affected by various situations, which directly affects urgent needs, where Sometimes with a little support they can continue one more day and one day at a time.

We chose a plate of food as an image, since food is essential to prevent diseases, it also helps to have energy to work and continue forward.


First of all, we appreciate the time you take to read our campaign and as an act of ethics and morals, we want to express to you that this team has decided to keep the name of the community confidential that we will call "V" in Venezuela, since the people who are the links in that country, as well as their beneficiaries for fear of reprisals or to avoid risk situations when they receive help, have requested confidentiality for their safety.

That is why we have limited ourselves to displaying photographs of the community as well as those of the beneficiaries out of respect for their confidentiality and security.

It is the first time that we undertake an initiative and we hope that, with the success, the beneficiaries will be able to gain confidence and later allow them to share their photographs, so that you can see the achievements obtained. The idea is to help without compromising the safety of the beneficiaries.

That is why we will appreciate that you do not judge us and trust our goodwill, which we know is complicated today, however, we are more the good and honest.


As already mentioned, the people of Venezuela live a complicated situation which has become complicated as in the rest of the world as a result of the Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, in such a way that there are shortages of food, medicines, products of personal hygiene, difficulty in paying for medical services and medical studies, as well as basic services. Unemployment, among other factors that has caused COVID 19, prevents people from being able to finance these needs. The supports may take time, and cash is required to cover immediate needs.

Currently there are people who have pending payments for medical services, however, it is necessary to pay these debts in order to continue having the service .


Considering the current prices of basic and specialty medicines, as well as basic food, among other expenses, an amount of U $ 4000 per month is estimated to cover immediate demands.

The first objective is to reach the goal of U $ 4000 to cover the needs of the people for a month.

The second objective is to make this initiative permanent with a more solid and organized structure that allows achieve that goal during the rest of 2021.

The third objective is to seek that once basic needs are covered, some self-employment options can be financed so that the beneficiary communities can be sustainable.

Although we define a monthly goal, people cannot wait each month to receive support, especially if they are ill, for this reason, we intend to provide the funds weekly to meet the needs of one week ana.


The funds will be provided in two main ways:

Through remittances so that they can pay needs immediate. Through various websites with delivery within the country (Venezuela), scheduled orders of food, hygiene products, non-urgent medicines, etc. will be made. to be delivered to their homes. Commissions for remittances and online purchases will be paid. No commission will be charged by the team, since it is not objective.

On the other hand, when the money is acquired and sent, the corresponding receipts will be published. Likewise, with authorization and consent, under the terms of confidentiality, photos of the purchased supplies and the beneficiaries will be shared, always with their consent.

We will put the following email for contact and doubts: people.helping.2021 @

As part of the evolution of this initiative and according to the donors' response, a profile will be built on various social networks to strengthen the transparency of the initiative and the management of funds .


The answer is simple, in full 2021 we all have the right to access to basic supplies and services. So why not do it. For the love of humanity.


We are moved by the fact that sometimes with a little help, "a single push" is enough to get ahead. We are more the good.

We are convinced that people help people, to show during the two lands that hit Mexico in 1985 and 2017, the people organized and helped each other, giving bread, a bowl of soup, a coin, your services, or your own effort; Simply for the sake of helping, in the same way we seek to connect with the world for a good cause.

Please help us and trust us.

Thank you and God Bless you


Helping People

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This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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