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Save Ruby, a triple-negative cancer patient

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Hello everyone,

Ruby, a girl that have been worked as a marketing strategist. Japanese culture and playing drums are her favorite. However, she got an extremely aggressive disease “Triple-Negative Breast Cancer” at 36 years old, the gold years of her.

New medicine “Trodelvy”, at least $178,500 USD is needed

She received all of the treatments that hospital could provided, including surgery, radiation and countless chemotherapy. However, the disease is not controlled, still in progression. And she’s nearly got no medicine now.

But, from web, we found there’s a new medicine “Trodelvy” that just released last year, which is a targeted therapy for triple-negative breast cancer. It could be imported to Taiwan through hospital by special project, the only concern is the price.

It takes $7,516 USD for 180mg/val, and Ruby needs 6 vals for 3 weeks (Generally, cancer treatments takes 3 months or more, so, at least $178,500 USD is needed)

We never give up hope

We never give up hope. But we really don’t have so much money currently.

Ruby really wants to win. To be a survivor to encourage every patients that suffering for any kind of disease. To tell them, no matter how bad is, there is always hope, there is always miracle.

We need your help to make this happen.

Thanks for reading this, and we appreciated for any your help, even just a word “Fighting!”

And if you could share this project, that would be great helpful for us. 🙏🏻


詠晴,一位喜愛日本、打著爵士鼓在日商從事行銷企劃的女孩,卻在 36 歲正值人生精華的時候,被老天硬塞了一個身份,「三陰性乳癌」病患。

她很勇敢,接受了所有西醫能做的治療,包括手術、放射線治療、以及數不清次數的化療。無奈,如此努力的她,還未能拔掉「病人」這個標籤,體內的癌細胞一直以來都無法受到控制,目前已經在使用最後一線所知台灣這邊可能有效的藥物。然而,在如此希望渺茫的情況下,我們得知美國有一個已經出了一年的藥 Trodelvy,是一種針對「三陰性乳癌」所研發的標靶藥,有機會可以專案申請來台,但價格是天價,一小瓶 180mg 就要價台幣 21 萬(且三週的療程就需要 6 瓶,而通常療程會需要做三個月才能檢驗效果,也就是需要 508 萬台幣)





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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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