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Hello everyone.

I live in Bursa. I have a feeding area with about 50 cats at the exit of the city. I have undertaken the feeding and treatment of all the lives there. ...

Since I had a 10-day quarantine process, another friend of mine went to feed my cats instead of me. During this period, my friend never encountered this cat. When I went to the feeding area after my quarantine process was finished, I found it. She was meowing painfully, her leg seemed to be suspended and she could not walk. I could not take him to the clinic, probably because he took shelter in a pain and could not eat properly. That day, I could not take him to the clinic because there was no carrying box with me and the place where I was located was far from the city center. Since I had the carrying bag with me, I put it in it and took it to the veterinary clinic.

The veterinarian first took an x-ray of the cat, and after examining the x-ray, he said that the cruciate ligaments in his leg were ruptured and that there was an intense infection in the area, which means that he could not be operated, and that a long treatment process was waiting for us. He stated that he noticed that the uterus was inflamed with the discharge coming from the back of the cat. Upon this, the inflamed uterus was surgically removed, the cat was neutered and this problem was resolved.

Currently, there is a pension in the veterinary clinic.We need support for food and sand expenses, serum, antibiotics, vaccination applications and surgery if the infection in the region improves. If you want to, my instagram account is @tuyludostlartr

If you use the [Collaborate by sharing] button to share my project, you would be very happy. Thank you in advance for your support.

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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