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A Cent for Mario's Care with his Neuro-Degenerative Illness

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Hello everyone,

I am Cynthia C. Guerra from Davao City Philippines. My husband, Engr. Jose Mari Guerra or "Mario" is now on its 6th year of illness following a survival of head-on collision vehicular accident in year 2015, and later on diagnose in 2019, of a rare illness called Progressive Supranuclear Palsy. It is defined as a late onset neuro-degenerative disorder involving deterioration of brain cells resulting to loss of balance, movements and cognitive impairment. Research says life expectancy can be from 7-10 years where survival varies.

Caring for my husband with Progressive Supranuclear Palsy Disorder

Aside from overnight life changes, hospital was our second home with around four times yearly admission for the past five years as the sickness is combined with co-morbidity disease of diabetes and hypertension. His left leg was amputated above knee in May of 2020, and was bed-ridden beginning November of 2019. What is worth celebrating was his good heart function and good kidney conditions. Mario had struggled, and as we journeyed with him in pain and his fight to live, it made us more stronger as family and outpoured the best of our unconditional love and care to combat the disease. Me and my son finds this joy and gratitude that he is still alive with us and his presence was our focus. He may rarely open his eyes, he may not speak, but his determination keeps holding.

As of this writing, Mario's vital signs has been consistently normal for more than 6 months including his blood sugar count. He is fed thru PEG tube direct to stomach and had a negative COVID19 swab test result few months ago. His life support includes an overall home care plan with a caregiver that provides daily therapy both physical and mental. He maintains 16 medicines daily and food intake of 2,000 kilocalories daily. Our bedroom is converted into a home care facility from hospital bed, oxygen, ventilator and suction machines. We thrive to live each day at its best, with silver lining and great dependence to God Almighty. Through the help of the caregiver, after 15 months in bed, he is now back to his wheelchair with daily activities like getting into the sun, hand movement, listening to music, among others.

Please support for Mario's Continuing Care

Our project: Cents for Mario's Continuing Care with his Progressive Supranuclearpalsy Disorder will used to fund the extension of his caregiver support, his daily medicines and daily food intake. While I continue to work in a non-government organization and Mario was a government retiree, our resources had been depleted overtime and all assets we have were now disposed. It is in this intent that we take chance of this crowdsourcing platform, and take humanity to every person that reads this, to share a cent for Mario.

I would be happy if you could use the [Help by sharing] button to share about my project!

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