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Fighting for same gender rights and keeping our child safe

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Unfortunately I can not attach any photos, due to the fact of a pending court case and minor child involved.

We want to start a family of our own

We are a lesbian couple, together for 19 years and married for 6 years with our little boy of 5 years old. Our story started in 2011 when my wife and I decided that we want to start a family of our own.

We did a lot of research on how to go about the process. Our only option at the time was the sperm bank. We have tried for 4 years with no positive results.

We eventually decided to advertise for a donor. We received a few responses whereby we chose one. We set up a meeting with him, discussed what we wanted and told him that we do not want a third party in our relationship. His only role would be to donate his gametes and that he would play no role in the upbringing of a child that came out of this donation.

After this meeting he was excited, whereby he has sent us pictures of his family, where he has discussed this option with his mother. He informed us that he is happy to continue with the process. A legal document/contract was drawn up which he willingly signed. This contract meant that he signed off all legal rights to a child born of this donation.

From this donation our lovely little boy was born.

We feel like our family life is being disrupted by a court case since 2020

Now 5 years later the donor decides that he wants to be a father figure to our little boy (he is also in a gay relationship and was not in one when we met). He is now fighting to have visitation rights and wants to take him away to his home for holidays and weekends.

-please bare in mind that the donor has never contributed financially or in any other form to our child's upbringing-

We feel like he is now forcing himself into our family life and will just disrupt our family as a unit and confuse our child, as he does not know the role the donor played. This has resulted in an upcoming court case since 2020.

Please support us to get through this

Our Advocate and Lawyer bill has sky rocketed. It has financially drained us, we have used all our savings and even our child university savings. We have sold what we could in our home to pay for the lawyers. We still have a large sum of money outstanding for an upcoming court case and setting up of final documents.

We are reaching out to the public for any financial support to help us keep our child safe in the environment that he knows with his MOMS.

Thank you for reading our story. All money raised will go towards our attorney fees.

Thank you for reading our story. Jean

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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