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Support To Complete Al-ummah Central Mosque Project

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As-salamun alaikum!

We thank Almighty Allah (SWT) for given us the power to have come this far to build Al-Ummah Central Mosque in our community. 

Before the commencement of the project, we do offer our jum'at prayer in a small building constructed with clay and could only house about 60 persons. There was no other option than to expand the Mosque because of increasing in number accepting Islam on daily basis. The mosque committee members had to come in conclusion and deem it necessary to expand the building and be constructed in a modern way that will please the worshippers. The expansion has been in progress but yet to complete. We are asking for your support to enable us complete the Mosque in this holy month of Ramadan.


The expansion of the mosque will give room to about 1000 worshippers to perform their prayer conductively and to do other worship and activities such as performing of Janaza, Itkaf, Islamic conference etc. 


The structure has been plan to be two storeys building constructed with bricks. It will have befitting modern toilet and kitchen for the worshippers to use especially those that will be performing Itkaf and Islamic conferences. It will also have a learning class (Markaz) to train the children how to read and memorize the Qur'an and to learn other Islamic studies.


The total amount needed to complete this project is $40,000. This is how we will spend your donations if our goal is achieved in the following stages :

– If our 1st target of $10,000 is achieved, we will elect the top building, do the roofing and fix the doors and windows.

– If our 2nd target of $20,000 is achieved, we will complete the plasterwork, painting, tilework and the electric wiring.

– If our 3rd target of $30,000 is achieved, we will construct borehole, do the plumbing and provide the require electronic gadget.

– If our 4th target of $40,000 is achieved, we will provide the materials for the learning and memorisation of the Qur'an and create mini Library. 


Allah love those that give charity in His cause and the best charity is the one given in the month of Ramadan. Therefore, immeasurable rewards you can't even imagine shall be waiting for you hereafter.

The prophet (SAW) said: ''Charity given in the month of Ramadan is the best.''

The prophet (SAW) also said: '‘Charity obliterates sins just as water extinguishes fire.''

The Almighty Allah (SWT) says: "ye who beleive, spend of the wealth We have bestowed upon you (in Allah's way), before the Day comes when there shall be no buying and no selling; when neither friendship nor intercession will be of any avail"


Is there anyone who has spent in the cause of Allah (SWT) and becomes poor? The answer is no. Therefore, may He replace the wallet, the bank account you brings out this generosity with abundant wealth and gives you healthy heart and strength to worship Him. And may He accept our Ibadah during this holy month of Ramadan.

We would be happy if you could use the [Help by sharing] button to share about our project! This will surely increase your rewards during this Ramadan time.

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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