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Hello, everyone!

My name is Asiimwe Mourine, a Ugandan that is passionate about environmental protection. I am Miss Conservation Kigezi 2019/20, also the Kidepo Valley National Park Conservation Award Winner 2018 and currently creating a Twitter forest where I plant a tree for everyone of my Twitter follower(s) (@MourineAsiimwe) as a remedy against climate crisis.

In the battle against global warming

Climate crisis has become a global alarming challenge. Its effects are real and do not have discrimination on age, gender, color, or even race—everyone on earth is being affected. It's also true that the next generation will be much more affected with extreme increases in global temperature, droughts, and water crises, all leading to death.

Hence there is urgency to act now.

A planted tree remains hope for the future. Trees remove CO2 from the atmosphere through the process of photosynthesis which helps to guard against climate change. Trees are always on our side in the battle against global warming among their other various uses.


With the diverse importance of trees, billions & millions of trees have been cut down without replacement.

And yes, not everyone can manage to go the fields to plant a tree but whoever follows me on Twitter gets a tree planted after his or her name.

I have been unapologetic and committed to plant a tree for everyone who follows me on Twitter (@MourineAsiimwe) as a solution to climate change and to interconnect every individual's media presence with environmental protection through tree planting and this is a typical climate action.

This is an initiative that I started last year on April 22, 2020 (Earth Day 2020) on the day I joined Twitter.

Excitedly, the number of followers has been tremendously increasing, which highly motivates me to plant more trees to save mother earth.


Planting a tree for every Twitter Follower is 100% non profit making project and still relies on donations from well wishers.

The campaign started as a self funded initiative to interconnect every individual's media presence with environmental protection through tree planting. With personal efforts, I had so far planted 354 trees and the number of followers kept increasing of which I couldn't meet all the associated costs.

In the month of March and April 2021, we carried out our first fundraising and a total of $1031 was raised and $961.1 was received after the deduction of money transfer charges.

This helped us to buy project crates that are now helping us in carrying and transferring tree seedlings safely to planting area.

We have used the funds to buy more 868 tree seedlings that we are currently planting for Followers and also covered Labor expenses and transportation fares.

See the pictures attached below.

PROJECT MAJOR CHALLENGE: Vehicle to transport the seedling

More trees would have been planted to match with my current number of followers, which is 1105, but we have been limited by the unreliable transport means.

We've used motorcycles to transport tree seedlings but this transports less a maximum of 100 seedlings meaning for one to transport 1,000 seedlings, one needs 10 motorcycles.

This is costly and it has also exposed our already bought crates to risks of breaking.


We therefore wish to have a project vehicle that will help us in transporting tree seedlings with convenience.

Help us in supervision for the already planted trees.

Also, when using a vehicle, one trip can have over 1,000 seedlings transported at ago unlike the motorcycle.

A total of $57,000 is needed to have a brand new double carbine that will have less carbon emissions to the atmosphere and with a longer lifespan.

Little is much and donating to this campaign is worth saving mother earth for now and for future generation.

You can also follow me on Twitter @MourineAsiimwe


Facebook: Asiimwe Mourine

Whatsapp: +256705533917

HashTags: #TwitterForest, #ClimateAction #PlantaTreePlantHope, #ClimateEmergency

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