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Help Hilda to Save her home and help her health

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I am Hilda from Peru, a Part time teacher since 2018. But also give support as a mentor not only in the university I teach but also, I am doing mentorship when any entrepreneur either student or professional need help. I gave support as a volunteer of Languages services at UN for the Panamsports in Lima 2019.

I am currently living in Lima the capital of Peru very near to a market where I can buy grocery and cook. The house was built in 1900 with antique material so that I am worry if someday the roof will be fallen and need more resources to protect myself during my home office, I mean my lecture. I am part time teacher.

My struggles after after I lost my parents

I live alone. My parents passed away. Mom had Alzheimer and died 2019. Dad had dementia, diabetes and died in 2020. Since then, I am having financial issues and still keep fighting by myself to recover first my health and can work more and better.

I moved with dad to stay closer and take care of him. Then in 2020 dad got dementia some of his old friends help me to hire somebody to taking care him during the day in pandemic. It was so helpful. Yet, during nights I had to keep an eye on him. He passed away August 2020.

Having my parents with illness made me not to accept more responsibilities or more jobs because lack of sleeping etc. Every money I earned was used to them for food, diapers among other stuff elders needed. Mom had in a residence for years which I paid debts for her assistant services. All this time my health was having up and downs tons of stress but one thing keep me optimistic that I'm doing the right thing for them. Now I have problems with my flow since December I have extremely pains during my period. When I saw gynecologist, she said that I going to be into a treatment.

Now doctors in hospital are not enough to assist everyone and for the moment I could not afford a private one.

In brief, I am not able to fix old house which has roof problems among other this that have to be repaired. The house is made with antique material not cement. Why?

The problem I need to pay back people I borrowed money from during sickness of dad and mom. In Peru they prioritize elder people in these days the pandemic and cases increase in Lima, my hometown. When I need a medical appointment, they make me wait for days or months.

Furthermore, the house currently I am living in was made by antique material not cement. In winter the house is very cold and rain and has lot of humidity and the roof need to be repaired. The rain enters to some parts of house. I was trying to fix it but when daddy health became worst, I could not continue with that.

I talked to my people to give me more days before end of month. I have explained them that I have to take care my health and get more classes to teach and earn more money. But is not possible in that way. Furthermore with my current salary I am not able to pay at once all the amount. These debts are related with medical medicines test of dad. During pandemic doctors did not provide all his medicines so at the end the debts increased I asked them to widen the deadline and give me an opportunity to fix house to give me chance to rent a room and get more money.

I want to be healthy and back on track

As a teacher of human talent and entrepreneurship I had a lot of paperwork to do is not only go into lecture which make me so happy because I can help students to be a better professional as well as human beings.

Also, I like to support students or professional doing mentorship which means support them giving useful advices to their venture, projects etc.

I know that I have a purpose in life to help people to reach their goals and by experience I realized most of them they don’t really know or until now they don't find their passion in life. I mean which is the reason to fight and make their dreams come true. I want to be healthy and back on track.

I feel sleepy most of days my period and hormones make me feel tired. All produces me tons of stress.

The pandemic in Peru affects a lot our economy and some of my students have to decline their studies. At the end of year 2020 I asked for support with some friends and relatives when the university reduce the number of hours I used to teach. I could not ask more to them because they already have family with COVID, medical issues their parents and relatives getting elder and got different health issues which is their priority.

Please support me.

I want to start with my health then fix roof of house in order to have the chance to rent a room and earn more money while I am recovering. Please support me

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