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Help Our Brave Little Brother Bryan BEAT CANCER (Leukemia)

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Our younger brother  (14 years old) Bryan Borces was diagnosed of ACUTE LYMPHOBLASTIC LEUKEMIA last thursday (oct 31, 2019)

it started with high fever for days and nonstop coughing (around first week of October) and then bumps on his neck and left arm started showing up.It started with 4 bumps and then 6 and so on. We took him to the hospital for check up. They run some different test,  The diagnosis was "Cellular  Suspicious of Non-Hodghkin's Lymphoma" The doctor suggested to go to other hospitals to run some more test for 2nd opinion. But the results was the same. They suggested a tissue biopsy ASAP. for confirmatory but they refused to do that yet because bryan is also Anemic. In order to go on with the biopsy, he needed a blood transfusion first.

After a successful Blood Transfusion. The doctor suggested a Bone Marrow Biopsy instead of Tissue Biopsy. Then the result was (Confirmed) B-Acute Lympoblastic Leukemia & not Non Hodghkin Lymphoma.

Our parents doesnt have a job. Only 2 of Bryan's siblings is currently working right now as a Private Nurse and Callcenter Agent ,plus one is pregnant. Due to give birth end of this year. We are trying our very best to pay the expenses needed for his medical funds, Some of our relatives donated. The cancer treatment isnt cheap. The minimum. salary range in Philippines is very low. Even the salaries(all together) isnt enough to cover the ongoing treatment. Not to mention The Chemotherapy(4 times a week) His medical bills is piling up. He is now discharge at the hospital. Due to lack of cash. 

The doctor said he needs treatment for atleast 2-3 yrs. He needed more than 10k a day for (daily check up.Cbc test. Chemotheraphy, Hospital Charge, Daily Maintenance, Doctors fee, Medicine and so on...)

Brave brother is getting weaker everyday because its a fast growing disease. We are living in the Philippines, We have managed to pay for his first session of Chemotherapy/Daily Medicine.

Working so hard but its just not enough to cover for his medical funds. Also, We didnt have health insurance by the time he was hospitalized.. 

We are sincerely asking for a little help for his ongoing Leukemia Cancer Treatment.

Help us save our Little Brother. He is a Brave Boy trying his very best to be okay with the situation. A little donation goes a long way and we will forever be grateful. 

Prayers for our little one! Hoping for your kind consideration.

HELP US BEAT CANCER!!!Thank you very much.❤

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