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Lord Jesus, Please Heal My Son from this cancer ...

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Hello everyone,

Let me share my story ...

Asked Nathan to Mama, "Will the Lord Jesus grant me a cure from this ferocious monster 😭?" "Mama ... how long willi it take for me to feel sick like this ?? I'm is a good boy Ma ... "Lord Jesus would listen to my prayer, Ma, so that this ferocious monster in my body will disappear ... It hurts, Ma 😭"

This question is almost always asked by Nathan after undergoing chemotherapy .. When the pain was too much to bear, Nathan would just hug me and cry ... For a mother who gives birth, you must understand very well what it feels like to be me ... Now way we could handle seeing our flesh and blood suffer ...

In front of Nathan I have to stay strong, calm and sooth him ... But whenever he is sleeping, I always whisper in his ear Psalm 103: 3 'He who forgives all your mistakes, heals all your diseases'. 🤲🏻😭 "- Mama Nathan.

Nathan is battling Lymphoma Cancer

Only 3.5 years old, Nathan had to face the harsh reality that inside his body, malignant cells were born! He has had lymphoma or lymph cancer since 2019. Worse, his current condition, Nathan's two legs could not be used to walk 😭.

It will take at least 1.5 years of chemotherapy, please help us to keep fighting for Nathan

Nathan is the one who encourages Mama & amp; Papa ... Prayers of both parents to the Lord Jesus, "Give us light for Nathan's recovery ..." Nathan's life is still long, give him a chance to escape suffering and pain.

Everything the parents have done, the little rice field they have has been willing to give for Nathan's chemotherapy ... Now Nathan's life is only spent on chemotherapy for the next 1.5 years. Now the worried feeling is almost never over. Savings that Mama & amp; Papa has for chemotherapy even almost running out! It was impossible for the Chemo that Nathan was going to stop halfway through.

The doctor just told Mama & amp; Papa, the malignant cells have moved to his back! Reaching the cure point of up to 100% is still very long way to go. Friends, to be honest Mama & amp; Papa was no longer able to bring Nathan chemotherapy ... Both of us did cut our meals, but chemotherapy didn't only cost you a half of two silver, but tens of millions rupiah.

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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