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I want to put a website for 38 million HIV positive people to connect

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Hello everyone,

Have you been afraid to take a HIV test? Have you just discovered you are HIV positive and you are in shock? Are you at a place of denial and you have lost hope? Are you HIV positive and you are searching for a partner in your status to marry? Are you there and you are afraid to disclose to anyone about your status?

Guess what? You are not alone, there are 38 million people of all ages, color, country and shape that are living with HIV and there are many others who haven't known there status yet.

My dream is to create a website where all these people can meet and interact, ask questions, share their journeys and give hope to each other no matter what stage they are at in this journey of living with HIV.

Support me to be an Ambassador of hope for people with HIV

My name is Naomi Ireri. I am a Kenyan and I have been HIV positive for 10 years now and my dream is to be an Ambassador of hope to share my story and guidance to as many teenagers and youths in schools, colleges and universities to be aware of their choices so as not to get infected with HIV.

Statics in Kenya are showing that youths from 14-25 years are the leading group of people being infected with HIV yearly and this saddens me because the next generation is at risk and I am sure it is so in many countries.

So I am requesting your help to raise this money to register a website to put all information about HIV, create a place where all 38 million HIV positive people can meet and share their stories, ask questions and get answers, to be able to mentor young people that are HIV positive in this journey and connect all these lovely people.

Also I would like to register an NGO to be the platform I can use to reach as many youths as possible in schools, colleges and universities in Kenya and in partnership with people with the same passion ,do the same in many other countries. With the funds raised I will be able to visit at least 30 of these institutions and with the help of counselors encourage these more than 3000 youths to get tested to know their HIV status. The funds will also pay for lawyer fees in working to register this NGO.

Help me to fund my dream in 6 months

I am hoping and trusting to raise these funds in 6 months. The first half will go to registering the NGO in less than 3 months so that I can then start going round to institutions in Kenya from August as the new school year starts then. In the same breath as this is in progress, work with professionals to put up the website and have it running in 3 months. These same funds will enable me to go to 30 institutions reaching more than 3000 young people with my story, HIV information and motivation encouraging all of them to get tested on that same day of visit to know their HIV status and connect those found HIV positive to care, counseling and mentorship through the NGO.

After fulfilling this project, I will looking to raise more funds through the NGO to help 10 single mothers who are HIV positive to become financially stable by putting up 5 greenhouses to be shared among the 10 first women that we will mentor to do Organic Hydroponics Farming to grow tomatoes, capsicums and lettuce.

Half of the profit will go to the women and half will go back to the NGO to help more HIV positive women to become financially free. This model would be copied in many other countries to bring hope to many many families.

This is my big Dream and I am so humbled that you all are choosing to be apart of it. Let's change our World with this dream.

As you can see the photo on here is of me showing you all, that one can live healthy with HIV and fulfill ones dream no matter what. As I am empowered by all of you through your donations, I will have many photos to share with all of you here and on the website.

Kindly check my story on U-tube, just search 'Naomi Ireri' and you will find it.

May God bless you all.

I would be happy if you could use the [Help by sharing] button to share about my project!

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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