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A plea for help to support a shunt insertion for my daughter

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Hello, I am Edmark from the Philippines.

My daughter Winter is a 2 month old little girl. She looks healthy and fine. Yet, at 5th month gestation, she was diagnosed with Dandy Walker Malformation and Hydrocephalus which was seen through ultrasounds and congenital anomaly scan.

Me and my partner were very devastated upon knowing our daughters condition. We thought the baby would be  fine because we have been through a lot during my partners pregnancy. She has been in and out from the hospital because of pregnancy complications such as daily vomiting, UTI's, body aches and even seizures due to abnormal blood pressure. We really had hard time accepting the news. I am the sole provider of the family and my monthly income is not enough to provide all her needs. A shunt insertion is quite costly and I cannot afford it even if I save up all of my salary for an entire year. The amount needed for the said procedure is overwhelming and it is impossible for me to prepare it by myself. We need $4,000 for the baby's shunt, we still do not know how much the total hospital bill would be after her admission/surgery. Most of my salary goes to her regular check-ups and needs like diapers, vitamins, medicines and laboratories. There are times that I needed to borrow money in order to meet what is needed. 

Our little Winter is a soldier fighting all odds of the said condition. Even the doctors could not tell that something is wrong with her because she looks totally fine at birth. A head ultrasound and CT scan confirmed our little baby's condition. For her to have a chance of living a close to normal life, she needs a shunt insertion so that the fluid (cerebrospinal fluid) that is building up in her brain would flow from the head to the abdomen and then be absorbed by the body. We fear that as we delay, her brain would be damage due to the pressure in her head.  At birth, her head circumference was 33 cm which is normal, yet now, at 2 months and counting, her head measures 44 cm which is quite far from the baseline and not an appropriate measurement for her age.

No loving parents would want to see their child suffer. She is a precious little baby, and we look forward to see her days living a happy and healthy life. We will not give up but we will continue to be strong for her. We could not do it without your help and assistance. If we could just trade our health and normality for her, we would. We are even willing to die for her. 

There are times that seems foggy and unclear. Yet, we are hopeful that everything's gonna be okay if we keep on reminding ourselves of a silver lining that our daughter has proven. She smiles and achieves each milestone elegantly as if she is not in pain. Her eyes are starting to roll down and she sometimes could not handle her emotions. She would cry and wouldn't be soothe without my partner carrying her with a pacifier in her mouth. Still, she wakes up each morning with a smile on her face, greeting us with hope that everything will   be okay soon.

I am very thankful to have found this online, I believe that this is where our hopes and prayers led us. I am asking for your help to support our little daughter's shunt . I know that there are a lot of people who have good hearts and will send help to us soon. It is hard for us parents to ask help because our daughter is our responsibility, but we are in the midst of a crisis where is seems impossible for us to overcome. Our Winter is a blessing that we will never deserve yet, we cherish and love her everyday. Please help us give her a chance to grow with a chance that she can go to school, play around and be happy. 

She surprises us everyday with her achievements, she is our happy pill. 

You can help her by sending your donations and prayers.


Edmark Apolinar Amanence


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Edmark Apolinar Amanence


Thank you and keep safe everyone!

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