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Ave Tales — amazing world of fairytales

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Ukranian version:іt-kazki-stvorenij-samoyu-kazkoyu-06-05

Videopresentation (with English subtitles):

Hello! We are the Ave Team. The team that brought together young people from Ukraine, Belarus and Canada, and we want to make a site with children’s fairy tales in six languages!

We believe that fairy tales are a very important part of a child's life, and qualitative services with fairy tales in our languages are very rare. That's why we want to make a product with qualitative texts, several modes of fairy tale player and a convenient and accessible interface — Ave Tales.

So what is exactly Ave Tales and what makes it better than others?

Firstly, the text of each fairy tale has been edited so that it is understandable to the modern child and meets modern age restrictions. Each fairy tale will be translated into six languages: English, Crimean Tatar, Belarusian, Ukrainian and Lemko dialect of Ukrainian. In the future, it is planned to add other languages and enter other European markets. Secondly, each of the fairy tales is presented in several forms, namely: text, audiobook, animated video and augmented reality. Each of the characters can be reproduced in the form of an application or paper model (templates will be published on the pages of our social networks). That is why the characters in fairy tales for up to 3 year–old children are very different from the characters in fairy tales for older children and are simpler. And the design of all the characters and their surroundings is based on folk costumes and elements of life of the places where the originals of fairy tales were collected. In the future it is planned to add other regions, their features will also be noticeable in the designs of our characters.

The list of fairy tales, sorted by region:

Examples of fairy tales and characters, as well as descriptions of the elements on which we build their design, are already in our social networks:






The English version has started relatively recently, but the translator on Facebook and Twitter will be happy to help you read the posts on other pages (links on them are in pinned post).

In addition, the site is adapted for use by a child who cannot read. Just press one button to open the fairy tale in animation format!

In addition, it is planned to release a separate application, which will feature audio tales in offline mode and AR animation.

As well as a version for the visually impaired.

The site itself is planned to be developed so that it can be easily turned into an application for mobile devices. This uses Single Page Application (SPA) technology, .i.e all pages of the site are in one file and are collected depending on the user's actions and Progressive Web App (PWA), which is responsible for using the site as a regular application, and will allow us to compress it in Trusted Web Application — which is a regular application for the user.

This optimization will allow us to develop a site and develop an application at once.

We now have a database (a place where fairy tales are stored), an API (code that takes information from a database), HTML layout and styles (what the user sees). All that remains is to complete the ReactJS part, which will connect everything into a single system, and find people who could write it.

So now we're raising $ 100 to pay for our HTML / CSS developer, $ 15 in advance to ten of our editors, $ 150 to advertise our social media before the second crowdfunding (where we'll raise money for translation, dubbing and animation of fairy tales) and $ 350 to pay for ReactJS developer.

And of course, for those who want to get to know us better, or perhaps join us or offer help — you can always send a private message to our groups on social networks (link above), Telegram account of tech support ( ) or our team leader ( ). In addition, we have recently launched our company page on LinkedIn ( ).

We hope you support our project and spread it on social networks and we will see you again!

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This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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