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Hello everyone,

I am a Catalan photographer and videographer.

I met the Logro family in the city of Cuenca in Ecuador during a break on my bike ride around the world.

About the Logro Family

The Logro family are indigenous peasants who have since had to move from the countryside to the Ecuadorian capital, Quito.

There they work in the informal sector: Ángel collects and sells scrap metal and María sells sweets in the Street.

In Ecuador, they belong to the part of the population that lives in extreme poverty. The cost of living is high, especially after the introduction of the US dollar as the national currency, and despite the many problems facing the harsh life in Ecuador, they have not been put down and have fought for their future.

But now the family's misfortune is breaking all boundaries. And they need help.

They urgently need our help

At the end of February 2021, her eldest son, Vinicio, and his girlfriend suffered a traffic accident. The girlfriend broke her hip in the accident, while Vinicio was also injured. Vinicio and his girlfriend were transferred to a hospital in Cuenca.

On March 11, Ángel and María went to visit Vinicio with his grandson Deyvis

In the parking lot in front of the hospital, the little three-year-old grandson was run over and died immediately. The woman who was driving the car was busy with her mobile phone during the accident and she was driving too fast but to this day she does not admit her guilt, especially in court.

The difficulties of the trial lie in the fact that the accused is from the upper class of the city of Cuenca and is the daughter-in-law of the owner of the hospital. So she can afford a good lawyer and use her influence.

Important evidence, such as the video from the parking surveillance camera, has "disappeared."

It must be said that they were thrown out of the clinic while they were waiting for news of their injured son in the waiting room, and they did so for being indigenous in a clear case of racism. It was on the way out that the accident occurred.

To pay the legal expenses, the Logro Llumitasig family had to go into debt a lot and now they need to pay a new expert because the first one is biased and manipulated for the benefit of the woman who ran over the child.

But that's not all: now, in May, the family's apartment in Quito was robbed. Her mother, Maria, was stabbed six times, causing fatal injuries. She had to be put into a coma and now she needs more medical treatment. The family cannot cover the costs of treatment and medication.

With this we ask you to make a donation to help the Logro Llumitasig family.

You would make me very happy if you used the [Collaborate by sharing] button to share my project!

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