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Blue Dot Mission 藍點任務

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What is "Blue Dot Mission"?



藍點任務 是由一位長居在台灣的加拿大人Nigel Anderson所發起的淨灘計畫。身為一位潛水教練,他發現台灣東北角沿岸深受海洋垃圾的迫害。即使過去兩年半來,他每個月招集年輕人來淨灘,但卻還是有清不完的垃圾...大多人無法想像我們的海洋污染到底有多嚴重,但是每天以海為伍的他,深深體會到這些垃圾對於環境所帶來的影響。





Blue Dot Mission is a cleanup project for the North East coast of Taiwan! 

-- "Cleanup 100 bags of garbage from the coast in 24 hours!!!"--

The funder of Blue Dot, Nigel Anderson, is an expat who lives in Taiwan as a diving coach/environment protector.  In the past two and a half year, he has encouraged hundreds of people to join in his monthly beach/coast cleanup event! As a reword, he'd offer people who join the cleaning with his homemade ice cream and dessert. However, due to the recent outbreak of Covid in Taiwan, people are forbidden to travel. Thus, he has been cleaning the coast by himself after since. And if you're familiar with the ocean pollution in Taiwan, you'd know that one person is not enough! And he has lost lots of supports over the time because of the current situation. 

Our goal is to reach 100 shares on our facebook

"Blue Dot Mission" event page, get 100 subscribers on Nigel's homemade dessert! And hopefully to use the money to improve and sustain the quality of the North East Coast of Taiwan. So people will stop getting hurt from running on the beach, or swimming/diving in the ocean. And the corals and species in the north can have a better living environment. 

Please share this page with your friends if you support our mission!

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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