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Increasing the natural population of river Crayfish. Creation of a farm.

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Hello everyone, thank you for your interest. 

My name is Svyatoslav and I am from Ukraine. I have a dream, which I have been carrying since my youth, namely the creation of a river Crayfish farm to increase the natural population of these arthropods.

Now in more detail and in order. I was very interested in the topic when I saw how from year to year huge quantities of crayfish are caught from the natural environment in order to sell, since this is a very dietary and delicious type of meat, it is very expensive. But due to the fact that a lot is harvested from natural resources, the population does not have time to recover. Then I had a dream, and the very idea of creating a Crayfish Breeding farm. Before the COVID 19 pandemic, everything went very slowly, but it was moving forward. I found a place to start

Brother helped to clear the place, we made cosmetic repairs 

so that it was where and how to install the RAS (closed water supply installations)

I prepared materials to make these RAS, but the COVID19 pandemic began, I lost my job and in order to feed my family, I had to spend the savings that I had saved up for my dream. I created a business plan, read a huge amount of literature and did too much on the way to my dream, it is very difficult to let go and give up this venture, so I decided to ask for financial support from you through the airfunding project. In general, I need about $ 10,000 for a full start, I will be very happy with any help and support. I will spend all the collected funds only on a dream and will invest every penny in a farm. P. S. I really love to draw and for any financial support, even minimal, I can draw your portrait as a nice bonus. P.S. I promise every investor and sponsor a pleasant tour of my farm) I would be happy if you could use the [Help by Sharing] button to share with my project!

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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