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We want to raise funds for attend Jean-Pictet Competition.

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Goal $1,500

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We all team members belong to middle class families; therefore we cannot afford to travel Indonesia for Jean-Pictet Competition. But we believe our research and hard work should not go in vain due to financially poor family background.

In this trying time, we are expecting help by Crowdfunding for travelling, visa and registration fees, as organizers of this competition bears only accommodation charges. We students of public university see Crowdfunding as only light at the end of tunnel and hope to be funded.

Of course, all this comes at a price. We are counting on you ! Do not hesitate to share to the maximum.

A big thank you to all those who will help us to realize these projects.

The details of budget are elaborated below:

Registration Fees is 555$

Three head’s Return Ticket via Thai Airways 2520$

Three head's visa fees is 150$

Total budget of team is equal to 3225$ 

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Remaining days 57 days
Times supported 7

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