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Help Arrow’s FIP Treatment

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Hello everyone,

My name is Arrow. I am 10 months old Siamese Snowshoe. I’m friendly and I love meeting new people who come to my home for Meowmmy 's yoga classes. I even join some yoga stretching but Meowmmy doesn’t like it when I scratch the mats, I am very makulit 😅

But lately, I started feeling really bad. I lost my appetite, my weight, and I became very weak. Meowmmy took me to several clinics, did some tests and gave me many medicines but I continue to get worse. My skin turning yellow, I couldn’t poop and my stomach bloated up. Finally, I was properly diagnosed with WET FIP (Feline Infectious Peritonitis) a very deadly disease for cats.

The vet relieve my bloated stomach and gave mommy hope with a new treatment.

A new experimental antiretroviral drug has come out that is very promising. Luckily Meowmmy found a source in the Philippines that can provide it but its very expensive. It is called GS-441524 from

Each vial cost $125 USD for 10 days according to my weight and the treatment must continue for 84 days!

Meowmmy just started my injections and I am on day 3. But I need many more vials. I want to be strong and get better! I WANT TO LIVE! 😿 Please help me get through this… ♥️


For those who want to send Arrow some love even the smallest amount is a BIG HELP! Arrow is a strong boy but this FIP virus is tearing him down. He is still too young to be gone from my life! Warning to all pet lovers to be aware about diseases and early signs. So please take care of your pets, give everything that they need while young; vaccines, checkups, immune supplements…

Thank you for your thoughts, prayers, any financial help, and bless your noble hearts. ♥️

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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