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Siti's child's brain paralyzed, she wants her to recover

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Hello ladies and gentlemen,

When she was pregnant with her third child, Siti Nurhalimah separated from her husband. Her hope is that they can continue to work hand-in-hand in caring for their children even though they are living under the same roof. But in reality, ever since, he left her without a penny or any responsibility.

Heavily pregnant, Mrs. Siti has to work hard as an SPG (Sales Promotion Girl) to support her first two children while preparing for childbirth. Pity. Bu Siti's husband turned out to be completely irresponsible and seemed to care less of the survival of his own children.

Bu Siti's resilience as a single parent is further tested when her beautiful baby, Innara Haura Shaky is diagnosed with cerebral palsy and epilepsy…

All the sweat and struggle full of tears seemed to have paid off when she saw her third baby born beautiful. Innara Haura Shaky, that's how Mrs. Siti named her little angel. Unfortunately, the universe doesn't seem to allow Mrs. Siti to be happy for too long.

At the age of three days, Innara suddenly had a high fever up to 38 degrees Celsius and ended up having severe convulsions. His condition had improved after being hospitalized for 10 days, but not long after, the same symptoms reappeared and kept repeating.

A series of in-depth examinations were finally carried out and Mrs. Siti had to swallow a bitter verdict. The doctor said that Innara had cerebral palsy. Not only does Innara have epilepsy or sudden severe seizures, the disease is also said to cause Innara to experience overall growth and development delays.

Innara is now 2 years old, and her condition has not improved

The doctor's prediction turned out to be true. Until now, when he was 2 years old, there was no progress shown by Innara. She is unlikely would learn to crawl and talk, because just to eat and drink she has to rely on the feeding tube that is implanted extending from her nose to her digestive tract.

In addition to having to undergo therapy to reduce the frequency of his seizures, Innara will always need regular treatment, especially to prevent gastric infections due to the use of feeding aids. Without all that intensive treatment, Innara's brain paralysis and epilepsy could get worse, it's not even impossible to take her life!

Let's help Mrs. Siti

Bu Siti wants to intensify her efforts to earn rupiah, as hard as she can to collect the cost of Innara's long-term treatment. However, she is a powerless single mother. No one can help her to care for and look after the children, while she has to continue to fight for Innara's recovery in the hospital. So, for the time being Mrs. Siti was forced to set aside her job as an SPG.

As a result, Mrs. Siti's savings to save Innara from cerebral palsy that threatened her life was slowly being running out. Her saving is gone to support the living cost of Innara and Innara's two sisters who are 12 and 7 years old.

What a nightmare. If Innara can't continue the treatment, it could mean that Mrs. Siti will lose one of her sources of strength as a single parent…

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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