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Clean up the garbage in the ocean without delay

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Hello everyone,

In mid-March, the body of a whale was found on a beach in the Philippines. Scientists unraveled it and found that there were about 40 kilograms of plastic garbage in the stomach of this poor male calf. These include rice bags, shopping bags, banana packaging bags and various other types of plastic products. Many plastic wastes have begun to calcify.

Huge threat that plastic products pose to the survival of marine animals

Cetaceans-including whales and marine mammals such as dolphins-do not drink sea water directly, but get the water they need from the food they eat. When the stomach is full of plastic, the whale cannot get enough food and water, and eventually die of "dehydration and hunger."

It is the plastic garbage in the ocean that kills it. And this is not the first time we have seen or heard of the huge threat that plastic products pose to the survival of marine animals.

Plastic has cruelly transformed into "white pollution"

The pictures of heart-stirring are showing us an indisputable fact: plastic, once known as one of the greatest inventions of the 20th century, has cruelly transformed into "white pollution", ruthlessly eroding every inch of land and Every piece of ocean albino the "blue planet" we live in.

What does marine debris contain? According to the definition of the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), marine debris is "all solid materials that have been manufactured or processed and will survive for a long time and are discarded, processed or discarded in the marine and coastal environment." Marine litter includes fishery industry waste: ropes, fishing nets, fishing lines, lost fishing grids and fishing cages; food waste: plastic bags, plastic cans, plastic bottles, container lids, plastic straws, food packaging; tobacco waste: cigarette filters, smoked cigars, disposable lighters; and manufacturing and transportation of garbage: plastic pellets, pallets, plastic plates, straps, belts. Plastic, due to its long life cycle and buoyancy, has become the main component of marine debris.

What is the most dangerous garbage that threatens the survival of marine animals? Of course it is plastic! But it is not the plastic bags and plastic bottles that come to our minds first. It is the lost and abandoned fishing gear-including fishing nets, fishing lines, fishing grids and floats, which are called "ghost fishing gear". Not only are they an important part of marine debris, but because fishing gear can entangle and trap marine animals, they have a particularly serious impact on animal welfare.

What can you do to protect marine animals?

These are things you can do: reduce the purchase and use of plastic products, actively participate in voluntary labor to clean up the beach, do not dump waste and pollutants into the ocean, do not fish and eat protected marine life, be a marine conservation volunteer, promote protection of the ocean to family, relatives and friends, and work with us to promote the world and protect marine animals

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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