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"Heal the World 2021 Taiwan University Cooperation Project" invites you and me to contribute together~!

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About us

We are high school graduates from all over Taiwan,

At the time of the epidemic, we gathered together and launched this project to cover Michael Jackson’s classic masterpiece "Heal the World",

I also sincerely thank the people who have worked hard in society to make society better,

Use our singing and ideas to heal people's hearts and move the world,

Regain hope for this world , Create wonderful.

Introduction to singers and songs

" Heal the world, make it a better place. "——"Heal the World" Michael Jackson

The world-renowned singer Michael Jackson is recognized as the greatest artist, philanthropist, humanitarian, and pacifist ever... Michael has experienced many twists and turns in his life, was vilified and slandered, but he is still full of positive energy To create warm music to the world, loving the world. He wrote his vision in the lyrics. This song is hailed as "the most beautiful song in the world." He even told his fans that "Heal the World" is one of his most proud works during his lifetime.

This is a song that calls for world peace. It is well received all over the world. The lyrics encourage people to protect and cherish our environment. David Brown praised: "When his singing is sounded in a gentle way, he is playing a role in saving the world." And we hope to continue this spirit through this project and show the talents of Taiwanese high school students and their The care and love of the world.

Planning vision

1. Not only let Taiwanese see this work, but also hope that it can be extended to the whole world, so that everyone can experience the warmth of Taiwan.

2. The functioning of society requires the silent contribution of many people. Especially at this critical moment, society is better because of them, so this film hopes to pay tribute to these people who have been selflessly dedicated to society.

3. Through the ideas conveyed in the project and the film, I hope to encourage everyone to thank and cherish the people around them, and bring them love and warmth.

Product content

・Micro-movie (presented in the form of animation)

・Recording cover, online chorus

・Social picture: street records, current affairs issues, disaster review

Instagram search:

Thank you for your reading and support, and welcome everyone to visit our official website!

Please check "Heal the World 2021 Taiwan University Cooperation Project" or @healtheworld_2021tw

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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