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Hello everyone,

We are a team of 3 determined and passionate final year LLB students from Denning Law School, Karachi Pakistan. We have created this project to get your support in raising funds for our team to travel to the Jean Pictet Competition 2020. For this we need to raise money for our team's registration and air fares; as we belong from a third world country struggling with the worst days of its economy. We are in dire need of any amount to make a difference in taking us a step ahead to seek the opportunity to avail the once in a lifetime opportunity of getting International Humanitarian Law training and making a difference in our society. 

You can search more about this Competition and help us to make a difference. 

Without your support we may not be able to make it to this prestige Competition. 

The breakdown of the funds are as following:

Registration Fee: $834

Air Fares for 3: $1827

We are trying our best to reach other sponsors as well.

Forever Grateful!

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