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Please help Covid-19 & Premature Baby Mateo survive

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My name is baby Mateo. I was born premature from a mother who survived Covid-19 twice. My mother is a local community Nurse and she was Covid-19 positive while she was carrying me at 23 weeks until she delivered me on my 27th week.

I was born when I was just 27 weeks old and approaching my 7th month. I was only 900 grams when I went out of this world. After my mother delivered me, I was referred to the provincial hospital while my mom was held in a home quarantine because the hospitals were already full and they couldn't accommodate her anymore. I was admitted in a provincial hospital for 24 days only through supportive management because they couldn't admit me in the NICU as I was an unsterile baby. My mother only got to visit me in the hospital after 14 days of her home quarantine.

I survived prematurity without an incubator for almost three days

I was born in an isolation room of a hospital in a small city in the Southern part of the Philippines, in Valencia City, in the Province of Bukidnon. Due to uncertainties, I was only put in an incubator only after more than 48hrs. after birth. I survived prematurity without an incubator for almost three days. With your helping hands and good hearts, I will still continue fighting for my life and survive.

I'm still fighting for my life

By the time of this writing, I'm still fighting for my life. I still have to undergo a lot of medical procedures to fight for my maturity and in order to survive. My ophthalmologist said that the blood vessels of my eyes were not yet fully developed because of my prematurity, so I have to go on a laser surgery. I've been fighting for my life in the hospital since I was born more than a month ago.

Financial help for my medical needs

Unfortunately, my medical bills are piling up and I probably need more time battling for my life in the hospital. So far, my hospital bills are already estimated to be at around PHP10,000.00 or $200 USD per day, exclusive of my medications, Doctor's fees, and other medical procedures. My family is expecting a million Pesos or more for my medical needs alone.

I still want to live and I'm knocking on your doors and kind hearts to please help me survive and live by extending financial help for my medical needs.

Please be my Hope to Live

Like my hands in my photos, I'm clinging on for my dear life and holding on to your helpful hands. Please be my Hope to Live. Please include me in your prayers as well.

Thank you so much.

Your little Angel,

Baby Mateo

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