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Hi there! My name is Elmer González, I am Nicaraguan from Granada. I am 22 years old, the son of a single mother, my father abandoned my mother since my conception, my mother has had to work as a soldier since she was little. Since I was very tender my grandmother has raised me since my mother works very long, my grandmother has been my mother and grandmother at the same time. She always gave me initial studies according to her possibilities, my grandmother worked washing clothes; At present, she does not work due to her advanced age and therefore suffers from many diseases that have made it impossible for her to walk.Since I was little I have wanted to be a great professional, the professional who helps her grandmother get ahead; Without having all the necessary resources, I began to study my high school. I have always believed that a technical career is essential in one's life, so I decided to study a chemical analysis technician. During my career I sold chileros to pay for my technician's expenses, but sales were not very good. Thank God I managed to fulfill my dream of being a coach. I always thought that it would be very easy to get a job, but it was the opposite, since the socio-political conditions that my country lives and the restrictions that some companies make have been fractures for which I have not found a job. I am currently studying a degree in Chemistry and Pharmacy on Saturdays, I take care of my grandmother, in my day to day I go to companies to leave my documents requesting a job, I trust God that I will soon find one.I have always had the vision of being a great professional and that despite the conditions you can achieve it as long as that is your goal. Mine is to be a great pharmaceutical chemist who helps advance science, advance my country, advance my family and help others.I created my project on this platform to: a) pay the monthly payments of my university degree. b) to be able to help my grandmother with her medicines and food. c) to be able to travel without difficulty to the university campus that is located in the capital Managua, 49 kilometers from Granada. Many times I do not have money to travel and that has hurt me, since many times I have not been able to attend and I have missed days of classes and exams. I know that my university career will change my way of living, it will help me to be a young person of benefit for my country and for the world, so with all my heart I ask you to help me with my dream of finishing my university degree and being a great professional.

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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