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Hello everyone,

My Life Story…

Hello, my name is Sebastián David Peña Otero. They say that I am a boy with a very beautiful countenance and I have heard that they call me "the galancito".

I am over seven years old and I live in Caracas-Venezuela, with a strong health condition called: Autism. This makes me extremely vulnerable, especially due to the critical situation in my country.

I am not sure what this condition is, but I am learning with the help of God, my parents and my family, since they are teaching me to understand it, in addition to learning to live it with love.

Living with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Let me tell you that during my short life I have gone through strong crises, directly linked to Autism Spectrum Disorder. I have had at the same time sudden and frequent episodes of very high fever (40 °), vomiting and diarrhea, this being associated with the alteration of my leaky gut (called Dysbiosis). I have episodes of intense headaches and stomach pains related to the lag in my strict diet, which has not been achieved due to the current situation that my Venezuela is going through.

In addition, I have had painful attacks of self-injury where I severely injured my head and forehead, leaving bruises with bumps and sometimes even bleeding. Likewise, when I have pain or something disturbs me, I attack myself with my fists on my stomach, face, legs and even my back.

Not to mention my episodes of insomnia throughout the night where the whole routine at home is altered.

I also tell you that I get sick like any child, but it complicates me in urgent hospitalizations because doctors, despite having very good intentions, do not really know how to treat me when they have to give me an antibiotic, antiallergic, antispasmodic or any medicine that I require to address my current discomfort with my condition, which does not allow me to verbally convey to them what ails me.

What do I require?

If you ask me, what do I require? with the urgency I answer you: Travel support and comprehensive medical assistance for autism in the state of Paraná in the City of Cascavel in Brazil (Clinic School for Autism Spectrum Disorder Paludo Zanuzzo / CETEA) and obtain comprehensive medical assistance and comprehensive list of specialist doctors such as Neuropediatrician, Pediatric Gastroenterologist, Psychiatrists and Nutritionists, as well as Speech Therapist, Occupational Therapy with Sensory Integration, Psychopedagogy, Behavioral Therapy (Clinical Psychologist), Physiotherapies, among others.

All this is what will help me to move towards a fuller life and with a better quality of life, since as I understand it, there is no cure for this condition.

This world, despite everything, is wonderful and worth living to help others and especially those who suffer from my condition. Finally, I want to tell you that I love you deeply and remember that until now I do not have the gift of speech, but with the support of God and you, I know that I will get through my deep crises.

May God Bless you for life and I only ask that you give me a chance on this journey. S.D.P.O

Please give me a chance on this S.D.P.O trip


That money will be used ($ 3,300) for the payment of airfare costs for Sebastián, father and mother (Caracas-Panamá-Garulhos-Cascavel (Brazil) and the Amount of ($ 2,600) that will be used for cancellation of Initial expenses for Accommodation, Doctors (Neurologist, Pediatrician and Psychiatrist), Medicines (Risperidone), Food for special diet (Gluten-free, sugar-free, dairy-free, without additives, among others.) Special therapies (Language, Occupational with Sensory Integration, Psychopedagogy, Physiotherapy, among others.) Plus special education for ASD

Note: Data on the Autism condition evaluation of Sebastián David Peña Otero in Venezuela:

1. CEDIAD- Center for the Evaluation and Comprehensive Diagnosis of Alterations for Development. Caracas. April 2016.

2. UNIMED / Health for life. Dra. Martha Hernández- Pediatric Neurologist. Porlamar July 2016

3. SOVENIA-C.D.T.A. Center for Diagnosis and Treatment for Autism (Dr. Andrés Marcano). Caracas. August 2016

4. CDI María Genoveva Guerrero Ramos de Montalbán II. Language therapy. Lic. Félix Águila Gonzales. 01-18-2019.

5. CAIPA South West. Comprehensive Care Center for People with Autism-2017-2021.

6. Dr. Ana Cecilia Marqués (Psychiatrist) Concepción Palacios Maternity Autism Unit (Founder and Director). Caracas. December 2017-2019.

7. Dr. Patricio Rodríguez (Neurologist-Pediatrician). Caracas. January 2020.

Social Networks and Emails:

Facebook: @Rómulo Peña, @Ale De Peña

Instagram: @depenaale (Ale De Peña)


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This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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