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Help Adiva for her Liver Transplant Surgery

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Hello everyone, warm greeting from Indonesia.

My name is yunita from Palembang.

About 2 years ago, i gibing birth to my first daughter, adiva. Since she war born, she diagnosed with Biliary Atresia that causing problem to her liver. I am here raising funds for her medical bill to do Liver Transplant Surgery as soon as possible.

The symptoms appeared when she was just 2 weeks old

Since the age of 2 weeks, the skin and eyes of Adiva turn yellow and pale white phases, this is the first sign of a problem with his liver.

Her doctor then diagnosed her with Atresia Bilier. A condition in which the bile duct is not formed properly, that it causes bile toxins to accumulate in the liver and cause serious liver damage.

Because of this liver damage, Adiva's body turns yellow and his stomach bulges.

She need to do Liver Transplant Surgery, Adiva's father is a potential donor.

The doctor said that the only way to save the lives of people with Biliary Atresia is by a liver transplant. Replacing a broken heart and being replaced with a healthy heart from an adult.

Searching a potential liver donor is difficult, it also will cost a lot for us to bear.

Adiva's father is a potential donor of his heart. Adiva's father willing to give a portion of his heart to Adiva, but to be able to donate his liver, Adiva's father must undergo a health screening in advance for the full cost borne by the patient.

The surgery fees are too expensive for us

Adiva's father is a betta fish seller and I am only a housewife. We have difficulty in funding to be able to undergo the donor health screening process and also the operating costs. Plus Adiva must consume special milk whose prices are quite expensive.

Even though we are registered as members of BPJS class 2, the cost of liver transplant surgery which ranges from 500 million rupiah is only covered by BPJS by 250 million rupiah, and the rest we get subsidies from the hospital.

And also, the donors also must undergo a complete health screening. The donor screening costs ranging from 25-30 million cannot be covered by BPJS. so we need to pay it all by ourself

Details on needed funds

The cost for liver transplant are already covered by BPJS insurance, help from hospital and additional from our saving. However, there are still some which we need to cover by ourself such as Adiva's father health screening, supplement, etc. And it all reached about 35 Juta rupiah that we cannot cover by current financial condition.


Before it getting late and getting worse, since we already found potential donor, we want to do the surgery as soon as possible.

However, we need to do adiva's father health screening first. All collected funds will be using for adiva's liver transplant purpose.

I hope any kind hearted extend their hand and support us, we really wish for adiva's health.

Thank you so much for your consideration

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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