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Bone Marrow Transplant For Sheika Tallud #FightArchiSheika

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Sheika M. Tallud is my highschool classmate in Benigno "Ninoy" Aquino Highschool. She worked as an Architect since passing the board exam last February 2019. Aika (her nickname) is one of the most passionate Architects I know . She's the first born among the 3 sisters in the family, the kindest person I know and the softest hearted person when it comes to dogs. She's actually someone who doesn't always see her potentials and by the time that she wanted to finally come out of her comfort zone, Leukemia struck her in a speed of light.

*Side Story*

When Aika successfully graduated and passed the boards, she actually really wanted to try the simplest things that she hasn't done before with her friends. Like sleeping-over with a friend's house, travelling to the further places where there's no traffic and pollution, running around the beach, climbing the peaks of the popular mountains these days, and so much more. She really wanted to enjoy and try the little things that most of the people of her age enjoy.


Since Sheika is our colleague, friend and my seatmate at work, I have witnessed how her disease has been slowly trying to hinder her daily routines and work. Last February 2019, when she has finally succeeded in passing the Architecture Licensure Exam, she was still of the same healthy condition. By March 2019 when she got back to work, we've noticed that she's been having a lot of random bruises on her body (the size of the bruises were like of a five-peso coin) in which she just brushed them off since they were not painful anyway and it was like a normal occurence for her every time here period is just around the corner.

Therefore, she was advised to also undergo Blood Smear Test and her results turned out she's pretty normal in which we all find odd (the result of the test was given to Aika after approximately 2 weeks on the date requested). 

By the month of mid-July, Aika started absenting from work due to the sharp pain that she has been enduring in her right leg. We advised her to get a second opinion from another doctor to find what's really going on with her body. She went to VRP Medical Center and underwent several blood tests and by August 7, 2019 after her Bone Marrow Biopsy result was released, Aika was diagnosed with ACUTE MYELOGENOUS LEUKEMIA.

During this period, Aika was not able to walk anymore due to the severity of the pain in her right leg in which eventually spread towards her back. She was then confined and was advised to undergo 7 cycles of Chemotherapy since the Blast Cells on her body was at 64% already. She also underwent minor surgery for the installation of Port-a-cath for her Chemotherapy treatment.

She was immediately admitted on the same day and underwent 1st cycle of Chemotherapy (for 7 consecutive days) on August 10, 2019. 

After her 1st Chemotheraphy (which lasted a week) she was still admitted in the hospital for about a month before she was able to finally went home. The result of her follow-up check-ups after the 1st Chemo were actually good and that she has normal count of CBC and above normal count of Platelet. Her Blast Cells also went down to 3% from 64% .

On September 19, 2019, her 2nd cycle of Chemotherapy (which lasted for 5 consecutive days), her hair started falling out more due to the side effect of Chemo drugs. Her Platelet count also decreased drastically from above normal count to 16 (normal count is 150 to 450). After her 2nd Chemo, her family was eventually advised to prepare for her Bone Marrow Transplant as the best option for her treatment and healing.

As of now, Aika is preparing herself for her 3rd Chemotherapy which will be on late October 2019. 

(We will be giving more updates on Aika's fight against Leukemia here.)


On behalf of Aika and her family, we are asking your generous hearts if you could possibly pray for her or donate any amount so that our friend Aika could give a hell of a fight against Leukemia.

For your bank donations, you may proceed with the following bank account:

Name : Sheika M. Tallud

Banco De Oro - account no. 000440649587

Or you can message me thru Facebook at Kenna Solayao for more details.

***** You can also check out Aika's post on facebook about her battle thru here:


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