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Further Studies in Tasmania, Australia.

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Hello everyone, My son, John Danesh a 21 years old man has an ambition and dream to be a lawyer since he was young.

He is a visually handicapped person, but a diligent, brilliant and a hardworking person.

My son got an invitation to study Justice & Bachelor of Laws in Tasmania. However I still need about 95.000AUD to able enroll in the curriculum.

Diplomas graduated from Republic Polytechnic

Even though John is visually handicapped, that doesn't mean that he gave up.

I always tell him that he can't only sit down, he must able to life by his own living.

He is active in several school activities, his friends also very supportive toward him.

John able to graduate from Republic Polytechnic in year of 2019 after 3 year study.

Aim to bethe first blind lawyer in Singapore

Since he was young, he always told me that if in the future he wants to help people whose in need.

John love to read a book. He uses a special application from his laptop so everything what he type, it will change to audio.

He is seriously to pursue his dream to study law and became the first blind lawyer. That is why, when the offer from Tasmania University arrived, i really want to support him.

We are having difficulty in financial

I raised my only son for about 10 years ago by myself.

My husband leaving me alone with the debt that i must pay. During that time, to cut the cost of living, i decided to move from 5 flat room to 3 flat room.

I only make a living by working as a store clerk, To able sent my son get a proper study is one of my satisfaction. i really proud as my son.

Currently, i am also doing a medication and every 3 months i need to do blood test due my multiple Sclerosis sickness. To send my son get a bachelor degree at tasmania is one of my dream but it is hard for me to do it by myself.

Details of needed funds

To enroll Tasmania University 4 years course of Bachelor of Justice & Bachelor of Laws, he need AUD 126, 000 (approx $85,000). He managed to get a 25% from scholarship. All of the collected funds, will be used for my son education purpose.

Please support my son to study in Tasmania University

The registration will must be submitted before 17th of February. It is very difficult for me to struggle on my own, But i believe, there will be always a ways, While doing this fundraising, i keep on my positive mind and looking for several other ways. I hope there are some generous people and support my son dream.

We Seek your Love & Kind Support for my son's further studies as a Lawyer. Much appreciated if i get funds for my son's education fee's. Thank you.

God bless you!

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This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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