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Urgent money to save the rabbit 🐰 Rabbit’s hind leg fractured 😭 The doctor said to have an operation ⛈ I am about to collapse 😭 Please save the rabbit‼ ️

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Hello everyone,

I’m Ting. My Bunny is playful, and his feet are stuck on the iron net by its iron cage. After it pulls hard, its hind feet can’t move and it bleeds...

⬆️I'm afraid the screen is too scary, I have wiped out most of the blood

I immediately took it to see a doctor. The doctor said it was very serious. It would cost tens of thousands of dollars for surgery and nail fixation... But because of the epidemic, work was suspended and there was no income, and I couldn’t get any subsidies because of bad credit. I can’t borrow money, so I ask friends and relatives for help. Everyone has no extra money because of the epidemic... I really can’t help it... I feel sad and blame myself 😔

I really don’t want to give it up... Although it is playful and mischievous, it loves to jump to my snack cabinet, and I often scold it not to jump so high. It’s not that it doesn’t understand. Every time I hear a voice, I want to go. When looking at what it is doing, it immediately jumps back to the floor before I am going to see it, and when I am gone, it will be caught by me when I look back, it will jump up, how can I block it, it just likes it I just like to nest in my cabinet for nothing.

Tutu went to see a doctor in early August, and his ears are long for worms. I have taken him to the doctor to buy insect medicine for $5000. On 8/13 he had an emergency, X-ray, and temporary hemostasis for $9000. The doctor It was said that the X-ray fracture was very serious and required surgery and hospitalization. Faced with the huge surgical and hospitalization fees, I heard it immediately... My heart was half cold... I only had $200 left in my body... Eating is a problem, even more. Besides, I don’t know what to do, but I’m worried about it... So I’m here to ask kind people to help, please, I hope everyone can help, it’s really the last step, there’s no other way, I’ll ask everyone to help the rabbit The rabbit can continue to live healthy...

⬇️It was resting next to me one second before and ran up to ask me to hold it, and the next second it was injured when it was taken to the bathroom...😞

Please do me a favor...😞

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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