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Please help Ori to breathe!

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Hello, everyone. This fundraising is mainly due to the lack of financial resources due to salary cuts and work suspensions under the epidemic. In addition, the owners are still college students who have not left the society. Perhaps 40,000 to 50,000 is not a big expense for the public. , But it’s an overburden for students... If it’s not a last resort, they won’t come to ask for help. I hope everyone can help a lot.🙏🏻

My name is Ori and I am only 4 months old. After the examination, it was found that pus had accumulated in the pleural cavity.

The purpose of fundraising is to allow him to survive the crisis without any worries. After these three days of blood tests, X-rays, hospitalization, and insertion of chest tubes on both sides, we have spent nearly 40,000 yuan in medical expenses.

Although Ori was a month and a half old when I first saw him, he was only 450 grams old, and there were more than 30 fleas on his body. He finally got rid of the fleas and gained weight, but he was finishing the fight. After three doses of the vaccine, the fever continued. After the examination, it was discovered that it was not a side effect of the vaccine, but a lot of concentrated fluid accumulated in his chest, which made him unable to breathe normally.

Thank you doctor and nurse sister for taking care of me

Surgery day:110/8/11

Surgery hospital: Bell Animal Hospital

Attending physician: Dr. Cai Peilun

Present Ori's condition in a timetable

8/5 It was discovered that Ori was in poor spirits, poor appetite, and high body temperature. It was suspected to have a fever. After being sent to the hospital, it was concluded that it was the side effect of the third dose of the vaccine a few days ago.

8/11 I was breathing quickly while lying down and resting. I suspected that the high body temperature a few days ago was not a side effect of the vaccine. I was sent to the hospital for ultrasound, blood test, and X-ray, and the chest cavity was filled with liquid. For the empyema, the hospital immediately arranged an operation to anaesthetize him by inserting the left and right chest tubes, pumping pleural fluid and washing the chest cavity.

8/12 After a night's rest, Ori's condition improved a lot when he had another pleural effusion in the morning, but because of the insertion of the chest tube, the air was stored in the subcutaneous tissue, causing subcutaneous emphysema.

8/13 When the pleural effusion was drawn in the morning, it was found that the left pleural effusion was more serious than yesterday. He was sent for a blood test and found that his albumin (ALB) was low and the ratio of globulin (GLOB) was very different. It is suspected that the empyema under treatment is cat coronavirus Complications caused... if unfortunately infectious peritonitis... Ori may be very dangerous

Thank you for your collaboration

Up to now, it has spent nearly 40,000 yuan, which still does not include future chest tube costs, subcutaneous emphysema treatment, and the examination and treatment of the coronavirus that we are most afraid of... These days when Ori is sick, we try our best to visit him every day hee smiled and encouraged him to feed him, but after he got out of the hospital, he couldn't resist his emotions and wept. I hope everyone can help Ori more and don't get me wronged that we are using Ori to make money. This is really his life-saving money...please.

#At the checkout, the hospital will ask the hospital to issue a bill for everyone to confirm. Don’t worry

#I will update the condition at the end

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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