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Good day,

I am Armel Salazar and I graduated as Chemical Engineering Technology and I continue as BS Environmental Science. I work for almost 2 years in a laboratory testing company. As a result of working hard I started having colds. I'm just renting a room and I became unaware of taking care of my self.

April 2019 I started my work in the laboratory and December 2019 I cough with phlegm with blood. That time I feel down thinking why am I experiencing this. I thought it is a consequence for the things I have done if there is any.

During lockdown, we are unable to go to work so I am selling products via Facebook. I slept late at night just to find customers or entertaining them to buy my products. Starting 2019, I am coughing and I go to doctors many times. They give me medicine and I follow their instructions but after three months during lockdown I lost weight from 60kgs to 50kgs. I consult to doctors and they said I need to admit immediately but with swab test so they will know if I'm COVID free. That time I have Pneumonia and Pulmonary Tuberculosis (no follow up check up until now).

I left with no choice, I spend every savings I have but still not enough. Now I need to consult to pulmonologist but I don't have any saving for any procedure they will tell me even to sustain the medicine. I left with no choice, I borrow money with large interest and that starts my depression. I don't know where to get money to pay for my debts even I work hard and work overtime, the money I earned is still not enough. I also need to go to hospital but I have nothing even fare to go to hospital.

I have nothing because I pay the money I earn every 15 and 30 of the month, nothing left to me even for the food. I am just staying in my friend's house and I have anxiety now. I know someone won't believe my story but God knows I am struggling. I hope you could help me financially and emotionally, and if I became Okay I will not forget the things you did. I will do the same thing you did to me. I will also help others who need helps. Thank you so much in advance.

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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